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Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira is the main antagonist and protagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Diamond Is Unbreakable and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Dead Man’s Questions, respectively. He’s a serial killer charmed with women’s hands who wants to live a quiet life free from the significance of his crimes. Killer Queen is the Stand he wields.

Yoshikage Kira

In the 2016 anime version, he was voiced by Rikiya Koyama (who also voiced Naraku, Lord Boros, Mard Geer Tartaros, Sephiroth, Griffith, Bondrewd, and Ri Boku) and Toshiyuki Morikawa (who also voiced Naraku, Lord Boros, Mard Geer Tartaros, Sephiroth, Griffith, Bondrewd, and Ri Boku). D.C. Douglas (who previously voiced Albert Wesker, Azrael, Deathstroke, and Suguru Kamoshida) provided his English voice in the anime.

Biography of Yoshikage Kira

Kira was very highly talented in a variety of areas as a child. However, he reliably placed third in competitions on purpose since he disliked being the center of attention. Additionally, his attraction to female hands stopped from his childhood memories of observing the Mona Lisa. As he grew older, he began to collect his nails. He felt a stupid desire to kill women if his nails grew quickly.

Biography of Yoshikage Kira

As a result, he was determined not to leave any proof of his killings, prompting the creation of his Stand, Killer Queen. His Stand could transform anything it came into contact with into a bomb, including humans. Kira felt at ease with his new power because he could now live a normal life without being suspected.

The character of Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira has light, wavy hair that is lightly brushed back and has a few stray strands. He’s dressed in a light Valentino suit with a dark tie featuring a column of skull emblems with upright, cat-like ears, similar to the ones on his Stand, Killer Queen. He wears a similar outfit throughout the series as a salesman, albeit he generally removes his jacket at home.

The character of Yoshikage Kira

Kira is ruthless, cool, arrogant, lethal, and overconfident, and she rarely loses control of a situation. When dealing with difficulties and issues, he exhibits considerable cunning, which is a feature shared by many of the important characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. He will kill anybody who stands in his way violently. Yet he is one of the most human antagonists in the authorization when compared to the other villains.

Kira is ruthless, cool, arrogant, lethal, and overconfident

This is evidenced by the fact that he (as an office worker) is routinely asked out by female employees, all of whom have the potential to become his victims if he declines them (not out of actual respect for their lives, but selectivity for their hands).

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Themacforums.com studies the history of Yoshikage Kira. Kira takes pride in his ability to destroy victims and witnesses without leaving a trace, believing that this, combined with his strategical thinking and “luck” makes him an unbeatable killer.

Kira's Life

Kira’s position as a serial killer is booste by his natural dislike of attracting attention. This quality has been there throughout his life since he was a child, and he has reliably scored third place in every competition he has entered during his school years. When he is under a lot of stress, he has a lifelong preparation of quietly biting his nails to the point where they start bleeding, not even demanding help from his parents in such a circumstance because They aren’t an exception to this rule. “Yoshikage Kira just wants to live a calm existence,” he says in his famous phrase.

Powers and Abilities

First, his Stand, Killer Queen, can convert anything into a bomb (even people) simply by touching it. Killer Queen may destroy the last object it touched by pressing an unseen button, leaving no trace (unless Kira wants it).

Killer Queen’s second power, Bomb #2, is a little tank-like rover with a skull face and cat ears dubbed Sheer Heart Attack that functions automatically, finding any heat signature in the area and reporting on contact. It is launche from Killer Queen’s left hand. This bomb is entirely durable, and it will keep exploding until Kira calls it back. It’s one flaw is that anything that occurs to it, aside from direct damage, damages Kira’s left hand.

personality, Powers and Abilities

Kira earned a third power, Bites the Dust, after being injured by the Arrow. Any non-Stand user who learns his secret can explode this explosive. If this individual is questioned about Kira, a small form of Killer Queen will appear in the interrogator’s eye and promptly blast the person, disorderly the flow of time and reset the day. Even if the person does not ask about Kira or is avoided for that purpose when the day is reset, they will detonate at the exact time as the initial personification, regardless of how many times the day is reset. Bites the Dust will also shield the user from harm, even Kira. Only if the flow of time returns to normal will the flow of time return to normal.

Is Kira Yoshikage a Joestar?

Yoshikage Kira (, Kira Yoshikage) is a retrospective character in the JoJolion anime series. Kira is the older brother of Kei Nijimura and the son of Holy Joestar-Kira. Josefumi Kujo was converte into Josuke Higashikata after parts of his body were replaced.

Who is Yoshikage Kira based on?

Yoshikage, moreover, is the series’ most direct homage to David Bowie, notably the ‘Thomas Jerome Newton’ character from the Berlin and The Man Who Fell on Earth periods (’76 to ’80: The Man Who Fell on Earth, 1976).

Why do Yoshikage Kira’s nails grow?

When he’s hunting, his nails grow longer, like a cat’s claws. He also enjoys warm milk and resting, and, like a cat, he despises being gaze at.

Why is Yoshikage Kira such a good villain?

Kira’s behavior is also weirdly similar to that of real-life serial killers. Including his unfeeling disdain for human life, and his obsession with keeping his hobbies hidden. His alarmingly convincing outer image, and his willingness to forsake everything and flee to protect himself.

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