For window mobile 6.5 apps, the most interesting forums to get versatile whole handset working system with demonstration via vast quantity of applications being presented you.

Free Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Applications

The Mac Forums states that pick up one if you want to have u limited plan for data to synchronize your connections, calendars, messages, calls, documents, tasks, and other features.

Therefore, for window mobile 6.5 apps, you are given the stance and design working of a lot of windows mobile operating system with 6.5.

Download an application for windows mobile 6.5

Although, in case of window mobile 6.5 apps you have ever experience and users complains for the slow processing system of windows mobile operational device with window phone 7.

Here, is many domestic and professional customization with consumers yet users of window 6.5 smartphone operating system come.

Download an application for windows mobile 6.5

Windows phone Microsoft

When you are using windows phone operating system 6.5. then you have not to enjoy it deprived of installation of application run free from Microsoft.

Then your application My phone Microsoft permits you to make a backup of your sync information with detail cell number and passcode put to protect your site with security.

In contrast to, this application is capable to control over the track your lost phone by using it. so, this application is available to install from marketplace of your windows phone.

TreeSize window phone application

This is most amazing and interested application for windows mobile operating system 6.5 as TreeSize windows mobile application. This application is made up to assists you to get big scale file on your windows operating system.

In this way, you can find out large files on your device. This app shows your large size folders and offers you to access your files.

Therefore, this TreeSize windows mobile operating system 6.5 application is available now on your windows mobile Marketplace with most working and utilized application.

MagiCall Window Phone application

This application is especially designated according to your aspiration. If you want to block or restrict unwanted calls or messages. Then you should use this MagiCall window operating system 6.5 over there.

This happens when you are frustrated by the calls of SMS from any organization, society or person. You don’t want to get notification from them on your mobile.

And you are using windows operating system mobile phone 6.5. Then you can use this application MagiCall to restrict unwanted calls or messages. That is why, this application works with usage of filter to stop non-desirable notification on your windows device.

In this way, you are able to make a setup for stooping targeted numbers or contacts with actions. For that, you can use this program with intuitive caller ID and anytime stops ringing from unknown persons or contacts.

Once you have done with this application, then your stop list contacts will not display you when they will make calls or sent messages to you. Even some setting cases, you can able to respond them by using this application as busy notification.