Why is YouTube TV Dropping Channels? According to an email received by The Stream able, YouTube TV is trimming down as we head into the new year by dropping CNBC World, Stadium College Sports, New England Cable News (NECN), and NBC Sports Network.

NBCUniversal, which had a carriage issue with YouTube TV in October, owns three of those networks. Due to the parent company’s decision to integrate sports programming into Peacock, its streaming service, and sister channel USA Network, one of those networks, NBC Sports Network, is completely disappearing from all cable systems.

No justification has been provided for YouTube TV’s decision to discontinue NECN or CNBC World, two NBCUniversal-owned regional news networks centered in New England. The sister network of CNBC, CNBC World typically provides coverage of international financial markets utilizing a combination of CNBC’s programming from Europe. Usually, the network is not provided in high definition.

YouTube TV Dropping Channels

The channel drops are probably due to a modification to the carriage agreement that the firms renewed in October. Carriage fees are paid by distributors like YouTube TV to media firms that provide broadcast and cable networks. In order to deliver must-have channels, media corporations frequently demand that distributors bundle and pay rights fees for less well-liked networks and subchannels.

Three stations together referred to as Stadium College Sports were included in the $11 Sports Plus add-on for YouTube TV. The networks are owned by Sinclair, which in February 2020 removed all of its other regional sports networks from the streaming platform. Since then, the two businesses have been unable to come to terms on re-adding the networks, which broadcast the majority of local MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS games.

Late last year, YouTube TV also still exposed Tennis Channel, a sister sports network. The channel withdrawals follow a brief loss of ESPN and other Disney-owned channels on YouTube TV as the two firms’ carriage dispute persisted. Both parties ultimately reached a new understanding.

A virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor, or YouTube TV, is the social video platform’s streaming TV service (MVPD). It faces off against services like Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Hulu + Live TV. According to Themacforum’s recent estimations, YouTube TV is the biggest virtual MVPD in the United States.

YouTube TV signed an agreement with Disney to bring back networks like ABC and ESPN

YouTube TV signs agreement with Disney to bring back networks like ABC and ESPN

Why is YouTube TV Dropping Channels? Customers of YouTube TV will once again have access to Disney’s suite of networks, which were cut off on Friday. The businesses stated on Sunday that a new carriage agreement had been sold.

Customers of YouTube TV will once again have access to ESPN, regional ABC stations, Freeform, FX networks, National Geographic, and other Disney properties according to the new agreement, which was exposed by YouTube TV on Twitter.

The Google-owned service said it was “happy to announce that we’ve reached a deal with Disney and have already started to restore access to channels like ESPN and FX, as well as Disney recordings that were previously in your Library,” and that local ABC TV stations would gradually start to resume broadcasting throughout the day.

According to a statement from Disney, “We appreciate Google’s collaboration to reach fair terms that are consistent with the market, and we’re thrilled that our robust lineup of live sports and news as well as kids, family, and general entertainment programming is in the process of being restored to YouTube TV subscribers across the countryā€¯.

TV signs agreement with Disney to bring back networks

While there is no programming, YouTube had promised to reduce the monthly cost of its TV-streaming service by $15, making it $50.

Following YouTube’s announcement in a blog post that it had “been unable to achieve a reasonable arrangement” with Disney before the current contract expired, the Disney-owned channels disappeared from the streaming service Friday night. In statements released on Saturday, both businesses said they were still in talks to resolve the outage.

Following a highly publicized carriage dispute between Google and Roku, which resulted in Roku removing the YouTube TV app from its devices for new users, these most recent discussions took place. The extended conflict was resolved on December 8, one day before the deadline, after starting in April. In order to retain channels like NBC, Bravo, SyFy, E!, Oxygen, USA, Tele undo, and CNBC on YouTube TV, YouTube and NBCUniversal extended their partnership in October.

The two-day blackout, according to Themacforums updates, was an inconvenience for YouTube TV subscribers who wanted to watch college football (bowl season begins this weekend), the NFL or the NBA on ESPN or ABC, or a Christmas special on the Disney Channel, even though it was only for a short period of time. For Disney and sports lovers who are dissatisfied with YouTube TV, Katz Maier has his own opinion on the subject.