Why Does Britney Spears’s Dad Have Control Over Her? Concerned fans have questioned how the court could continue to find Britney Spears incapable of protecting and caring for herself despite the fact that she was still a singing pop sensation in the years since a judge granted her father full authority over her life and finances.

Her father and others involved in the conservatorship insisted that it was a well-oiled machine that had saved her from a bad situation and benefited Ms. Spears and that she could cancel it at any time.

Britney Spears's Dad Have Control Over Her

She remained relatively mute on the matter in public throughout

Ms. Spears, 39, expressed severe objection to the conservatorship earlier and more frequently than previously known. According to confidential court records obtained by The New York Times, claimed that it restricted everything from who she dated to the color of her kitchen cabinetry.

What was the purpose of the conservatorship?

After her divorce from Kevin Federline was finalized in 2007, and she lost custody of their two children, the singer began acting unreliably. A series of public outbursts aroused concerns about her mental health, with the actress shaving her head and slamming an umbrella into a photographer’s car.

She was twice hospitalized in 2008 under a temporary psychiatric assessment order, including following an incident in which she allegedly refused to surrender her sons in a police standoff. Around this time, a temporary conservatorship was established, which was later made permanent later that year.

What was the purpose of the conservatorship

Her father Jamie’s lawyers argued the conservatorship was “essential to protect Britney in every meaning of the term” in recent court files. “Her life was a wreck, and she was in physical, emotional, mental, and financial misery,” they added.

What exactly is a conservatorship?

Why Does Britney Spears’s Dad Have Control Over Her? A court can appoint a conservator for someone who is unable to make their own decisions, such as those suffering from dementia or other mental diseases.

The conservatorship over Spears was divided into two parts: one for her estate and financial issues, and the other for her as a person.

What exactly is a conservatorship

Jamie Spears was in charge of both portions, but in 2019 he stepped down as his daughter’s personal conservator, citing health reasons, and was replaced by a court-appointed care professional.

In September 2021, Mr. Spears was removed as conservator of Britney’s financial estate and replaced by an accountant chosen by Britney and her counsel.

Spears recorded three albums, had a successful Las Vegas residency, and appeared on multiple television shows during her time in conservatorship, including a stint as a judge on The US X Factor.

What does the conservatorship have authority over?

Her financial and professional decisions are within the conservatorship’s control, as are significant personal considerations like her visits with her teenage sons and whether she can remarry.

In June, she told a court: “I want to be able to marry and start a family. I’ve been advised that while I’m in conservatorship, I won’t be able to marry or have a child.” She said that the conservators would not allow her to have her birth control removed.

What does the conservatorship have authority over

She also claimed that she was forced into going on tour, taking the medication she didn’t want, and entering rehab.

Its reach even extended to the color of her kitchen cabinets. According to court records obtained by The New York Times.

What did Britney Spears have to say?

In September, her lawyer stated that the singer “had been subjected to a decade-long nightmare, a Kafkaesque nightmare staged by her father and others.”

In a June court appearance, the actress said she was “shocked” and requested the judge to end the “abusive” arrangement.

What did Britney Spears have to say

“This conservatorship is doing more harm than good for me,” she remarked over the phone. “I am entitled to a life”. She also expressed gratitude to supporters of the #Free Britney campaign.

What exactly did Jamie Spears say?

Mr. Spears has stated that he loves his daughter “unconditionally” and that he has “tried to do what is best for her”. His lawyer expressed regret after his daughter’s court statement, saying he was “sad to see his daughter suffering and in such great suffering.”

What exactly did Jamie Spears say

Nonetheless, he denied Mr. Spears was to blame for the ostensibly imposed limits on his daughter’s private life and demanded an investigation into the testimony.

Mr. Spears decided to step down as Britney’s conservator after she filed a petition in July to have him removed, and then requested the court to review whether the conservatorship should be continued.

So, what’s next for Britney Spears?

The actress will start a new chapter in her life, including marrying her fiancĂ© Sam Asghari without the requirement of her conservators’ permission. However, her legal battle with her father will almost certainly continue when the conservatorship ends.

Spears said in July that she was ready to “file charges” against her father. “I need to get rid of my father and file a conservatorship abuse case against him,” she stated.

Why Does Britney Spears’s Dad Have Control Over Her? Conservatorship abuse might include financially abusing someone in your care or imposing severe personal limitations.

The singer was paid a $2,000 weekly allowance, according to court filings, while her father’s income as conservator was around $16,000 per month, plus money for office space rental and a share of various transactions signed for his daughter.

The singer’s lawyer has accused her father of financial misbehavior, accusing him of “stealing millions of dollars from his daughter’s fortune.”

He told reporters in September that he had “serious doubts” about “possible malfeasance, including conflicts of interest, conservatorship misuse, and the apparent waste of Mr. Spears fortune,” and promised a “top-to-bottom” investigation of the case’s papers.