Why Didn’t Travis Scott Stop Performing? A spokesman for Travis Scott said on Friday that the rapper lacked the power to end his performance at the Astroworld Festival. Houston police, fire officials, and Scott have since traded charges over who was to blame for ending the concert before it turned fatal.

Former Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who serves as Scott’s spokesperson, told CBS in an interview that it was “ridiculous” to think Scott could have halted the Astroworld Festival.

The executive producer and the concert producer are the only two individuals with the power to halt the concert. According to the 59-page operations plan for the occasion that she mentioned. The rapper is looking at measures to ensure that something similar doesn’t occur again, Rawlings-Blake said, adding that he wants to be held accountable for the solution.

Despite crowd surges occurring at Astroworld in 2019, the operations document provided to Live Nation simply cautioned that a “civil disturbance/riot” was likely and should be avoided without supplying any instructions on how to do so, according to NPR.

In response to claims that Scott attended an after-party at the eatery Dave and Buster’s, Rawlings-Blake stated that Scott was there to “regroup” with his staff and was not made aware of the tragedy until “hours and hours” after the event.

She said Scott was informed of the growing catastrophe that claimed nine lives by his own staff and stated he has “not stopped weeping for these families”. According to Houston police and fire officials, Scott or the production team should have stopped the performance amid public criticism over the event’s safety and concerns over who is to blame.

In response to Themacforums’ request for comment, Live Nation took a little while to get back to us.

Houston’s fire chief believes Travis Scott and others should have stopped the Astroworld performance.

Why Didn’t Travis Scott Stop Performing? When we visit these places, it is our duty to look out for one another’s safety, Chief Samuel Pea remarked on Tuesday.

Houston’s fire chief stated Tuesday that rapper Travis Scott and others should have ended Friday’s Astroworld music festival as soon as they became aware of a crowd surge that ultimately resulted in eight fatalities and dozens more injuries.

“Absolutely. Look, we are all accountable. When co-host Savannah Guthrie questioned Chief Samuel Pea on NBC’s “TODAY” show about whether he thought Scott should have called an end to the concert once he realized what was happening, Pea responded, “Everybody at that event has a responsibility, starting from the artist on down.

Houston's fire chief believes Travis Scott and others should have stopped the Astroworld performance

Evidence, according to him, suggests that guests attempted to speak with a few of Scott’s private security guards to let them know anything was wrong. “An ambulance was attempting to maneuver past the mob at one point. And he, the artist, has control over that audience “Pea said.

“The performer has the right to stop the show, turn on the lights, and declare, “Hey, we’re not going to continue until this situation is settled.” Yes, there is one method to do it.”

The second child Kylie Jenner is expecting with Scott was not revealed to them until after the show, she said early on Sunday on Instagram.

The actress wrote in the post, “I want to be clear that we weren’t aware of any fatalities until the news broke after the event and in no world would have continued filming or performing”.

Why Didn’t Travis Scott Stop Performing? Scott was defended by Astroworld-related sources as well.

Travis couldn’t have known the seriousness of what was going on while he was performing, so when he was informed, he stopped the show “In an email, they said. “Many people have the mistaken impression that he kept playing even after learning that individuals had been gravely hurt.

Scott was defended by Astroworld-related sources as well.

The sources cited earlier comments made by Troy Finner, the chief of police for Houston. Who stated that there was apprehension about ending a show so quickly for fear of violence or another surge.

According to Finner, “You cannot just close when you have 50,000 and above 50,000 people.” When you have a group that young, you have to be concerned about demonstrating.