Why a Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for Olena Zelenska? Another year, another Vogue article on a troublemaking politician. After the uproar over the magazine not giving Melania Trump a cover (despite Michelle Obama receiving three) and the fuss over Kamala Devi Harris’s “relaxed” portrait being chosen over her more formal cover try, there is a new controversy involving a “digital cover” that was made public online and features Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine.

The feature, titled “Portrait of Bravery,” was created in partnership with Ukrainian Vogue and all of the Condé Nast Vogues (a licensed magazine owned by Media Group Ukraine).

It features dark, elegant pictures of Ms. Zelenska by Annie Leibowitz, including shots of her holding hands with President Volodymyr Zelenska, sitting on the marble steps of the presidential palace, and standing next to female troops at Antonov Airport while carrying a long navy overcoat. A lengthy interview and some BTS videos of the first couple and Ms. Leibovitz are included with the pictures. Later this year, it will be published in print.

Why a Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for Olena Zelenska? The new story forgoes fashion credits, in contrast to Ms. Zelenska’s first Ukrainian Vogue cover. Which debuted in November 2019 not long after Mr. Zelenska was elected and featured the first lady playing with her family and styled in Celine, Prada, Lemaitre, and Jimmy Choo. Ms. Zelenska seems professional. But in addition to the love between the pair, the novel focuses on the suffering and trauma of her nation and its citizens. Nobody among the subjects is grinning.

Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for Olena Zelenska

Ms. Zelenska is wearing exclusively Ukrainian designers, and a single line under one of the images lists their names. For most spectators, this may seem like a little detail, but it eliminates the commercial aspect of the production. It isn’t clothing, whatever it is that it is selling and it is obviously selling something.

Nevertheless, the story has sparked a bit of a response (which is not surprising). The idea of “Vogue,” with its historical associations with elitism, fantasy, riches, and folly, and the reality of war, can cause a visceral reaction in some viewers. They claim it appears tasteless. Particularly in light of some of the magazine’s past errors.

Asma al-Assad, the first lady of Syria, was the subject of an absurdly adoring profile that appeared in 2011, just around the time her husband, Bashar al-Assad, was exposed as a brutal dictator. (The article, which gave the impression that Vogue had ethically compromised itself in the face of fanciness, was later taken down from the online, but it still has an impact on how political personalities are covered by the magazine.)

Why a Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for Olena Zelenska

Why a Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for Olena Zelenska? Republican representative from Texas Mayra Flores took the chance to criticize the Biden administration for subsidizing Ukraine’s foreign policy, saying that it was vanity spending. Breitbart amusedly compiled the criticism in an article, especially as it pertained to government sponsorship.

Others, however, have defended Ms. Zelenska, viewing the photo shoot as a source of national pride: a way to showcase Ukrainian elegance, a reminder of the solace that beauty can bring, and a subliminal nod to common humanity in the face of cruel brutality. After all, she is not eating cake while wearing a ball gown. She appears haunted and is in a battle zone.

Why a Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for the first lady Olena Zelenska

Why a Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for Olena Zelenska? Although fashion is an important aspect of pop culture and the uncommon equivalent of a universal language, the argument largely demonstrates. How conflicted our attitudes about it still are and how entrenched the notion that it is a frivolous topic. Whether they like to admit it or not, every politician and public figure uses it for their own purposes. (Due of the risks, they continue to be featured in publications like Vogue.)

The battle between Russia and Ukraine is being fought on all fronts: on the ground, in the air, online, and in the court of public opinion. One of them is Vogue, as well as any platform that enables Ukrainians to connect with various segments of the world’s population and shape sentiment. As Ms. Zelenska and her husband, who, prior to entering politics, founded one of Ukraine’s largest television entertainment production firms, are aware.

By featuring Ms. Zelenska on its cover, Vogue strengthens her position as the approachable face and voice of the struggle by bringing the world closer to her. She also keeps her country’s needs alive in the international debate at a time when other problems are demanding for attention by appearing in public and raising issues there when her husband cannot. She has practically turned Vogue into a weapon.

Now Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for Olena Zelenska

Why a Vogue Cover Created a Controversy for Olena Zelenska? When the BBC questioned her about the decision and she was asked to explain it. She responded as follows: “I believe it is more essential to do something and be attacked for it than to do nothing,” she remarked, adding, “Millions read Vogue, and to be able to talk to them directly, it was my obligation”.

You cannot deny the fact that it once again brought the conflict in Ukraine into the headlines and into the minds of those who may not have been following it as carefully as others, regardless of what you think of the article itself or how you feel about the magazine in which it was published. Her interview is more than just an interview in that situation. It is a component of a war plan.

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