Who is Suing the My Pillow Guy? The latest in a spate of defamation lawsuits initiated by Smartmatic and competitor business Dominion Voting Systems to refute the unfounded claims is a defamation suit against MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell for propagating fake conspiracy theories about election fraud involving the company’s equipment.

The CEO of MyPillow, according to Smartmatic, “actively fueled the embers of xenophobia and party-divide for the noble goal of selling his pillows,” and the company sued Lindell and MyPillow in federal court for defamation and misleading business practices.

Lindell intentionally spread “lies” about Smartmatic equipment being used to rig the 2020 election, according to Smartmatic, “because he wants to be viewed as a champion of a deceptive message that still sells”.

The sole location where Smartmatic machines were utilized in the 2020 election was Los Angeles County, California, and there is no proof of widespread deception involving them.

Smartmatic claimed that as a result of Lindell’s assertions. The company’s valuation has decreased from “in excess of $3.0 billion” before the 2020 election to less than $1 billion at the present time (the company disputes Forbes’ independent valuation of Smartmatic of $730 million based on its estimated 2020 sales).

In addition to an order for Lindell and MyPillow to “retract their fraudulent statements and inferences entirely and completely,” Smartmatic is requesting an undetermined sum in monetary damages as well as attorney’s fees. An inquiry for comment has gone unanswered by Lindell’s counsel as of yet.

Former Dominion Voting Employee Files Defamation Lawsuit Against MyPillow CEO

Who is Suing the My Pillow Guy? An ex-worker of Dominion Voting Systems has filed a lawsuit for defamation against Mike Lindell, CEO of the bedding company MyPillow.

According to Themacforums, Eric Coomer, a former worker of the company that manufactured voting devices and became associated with Donald Trump’s mistaken claims that widespread voter fraud prevented him from winning the 2020 presidential election, has filed a lawsuit against Lindell.

According to the lawsuit, Lindell targeted Coomer through his media outlet Frank speech as part of his “efforts to erode faith in American democracy and benefit himself in the process”. The lawsuit was given to Lindell, a Trump supporter, conservative activist, and conspiracies, during a political event he organized in Denver, Colorado.

Former Dominion Voting Employee Files Defamation Lawsuit Against MyPillow CEO

What is that? Upon getting the envelope, Lindell said.

The messenger said, “It’s for you.”

Former Dominion director of product strategy and security Coomer claimed in the lawsuit that Lindell “has publicly accused [him] of being a ‘traitor to the United States’, and has asserted without providing any supporting evidence that Dr. Coomer committed treason and need to report to the authorities.

The case continued by charging Lindell with repeatedly publishing false remarks, insulting interviews, and other “dishonest information maligning Dr Coomer” on Frank speech, sometimes in conjunction with an advertisement for MyPillow products.

The filing stated: “Defendants maintain in their attempt to benefit from the ‘Big Lie’ [that Joe Biden didn’t win] by harming the lives of private individuals like Dr Coomer despite their false accusations of election fraud being disproved by respectable authorities across political parties.

It said, “Neither have they shown regret for the harm they have done, nor have they reversed any of their misleading comments”.

Employee Files Defamation Lawsuit Against MyPillow CEO

Coomer’s reputation has been “irreparably ruined”, and the complaint claims that because of the unjustified mistrust caused by the defendant’s statements, he is no longer able to work in the election sector.

Who is Suing the My Pillow Guy? The complaint claims that Coomer is now the target of frequent death threats and has to “carry the weight of being made the face of an imagined criminal conspiracy of unparalleled extent in American history”.

Regarding the case, Lindell claimed in a statement to Themacforums: “MyPillow and Frank speech done nothing. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever brought up Eric Coomer. Your favorite program, Frank’s speech, is being attempted to be canceled.

In an appearance on frank speech the previous year, Lindell suspects Coomer specifically of voting fraud and urged him to turn himself in to the police.