White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan – Senior Taiwanese government officials and US officials have confirmed that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan as part of her tour of Asia. This is in spite of concerns from Biden administration officials who are concerned about China’s reaction to such a high-profile visit.

The tour, which is the first for a US House speaker in 25 years. Is not on Pelosi’s current public agenda and occurs at a time. When ties between the US and China are already at an all-time low.

She is anticipated to spend the night in Taiwan, the Taiwanese official noted. When exactly Pelosi will arrive in Taipei is unknown. The US official also stated that personnel from the Defense Department are continuously observing any Chinese moves in the area and formulating a strategy to protect her.

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan, For the first official stop of the Asia tour, Pelosi arrived in Singapore on Monday. There, she met with the president, prime minister, and other top leaders of the nation.

Pelosi and a congressional delegation landed in Malaysia on Tuesday. According to the nation’s official news outlet Bernama, and meetings with the prime minister and speaker of the parliament were planned.

Although South Korea and Japan are on the delegation’s itinerary. A trip in Taiwan has not been mentioned in any official capacity.

China warned against the “egregious political impact” of Pelosi’s planned visit to the autonomous island that it claims as part of its territory during a routine foreign ministry briefing on Monday. It also reaffirmed that its military “won’t sit by idly” if Beijing feels that its “sovereignty and territorial integrity” are being threatened.

“We want to remind the US that China is watching and that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army would never watch helplessly. To protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, China would respond decisively and with force “Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the foreign ministry, responded to questions from reporters over the consequences of Pelosi heading a congressional delegation to Taipei.

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan, The People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command declared in a video aired online on Monday that it will “bury incoming foes”, despite the Chinese military’s omission of Taiwan. A statement on Weibo stated, “Firmly stand by and ready for the fighting command; Bury all incoming foes”.

The administration’s statement that Pelosi must decide whether to visit was reaffirmed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who also added, “We do not know what Speaker Pelosi intends to do.”

Blinken stated at the UN on Monday afternoon that “Congress is an independent, coequal body of government”. “The Speaker alone has the last say”. Blinken said that previous speakers and Congressmen have visited Taiwan and claimed that such a visit has precedent.

Therefore, Blinken explained, “If the Speaker does decide to travel and China attempts to instigate a crisis or otherwise raise relations, that would be totally on Beijing. In the event that she decides to visit, “We are looking for them to act appropriately and not engage in any more escalation,”

when White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan, John Kirby, the head for strategic communications at the National Security Council, announced earlier on Monday that Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan will be supported by the Biden administration.

“We’re going to make sure that she can travel abroad safely and securely because we want to make sure she can. The bombast coming from China has no justification. There is no justification for taking any action. Representatives from Congress frequently visit Taiwan, Kirby said on THEMACFORUMS’s “New Day” with Brianna Keilar.”

“We shouldn’t allow that rhetoric or those prospective actions to scare us as a nation. We’re going to do everything in our power to support the speaker on this crucial journey, “Kirby went on.

Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan

Kirby responded when asked if the US was ready for fallout with China over the visit “Nothing has changed regarding our stance. We continue to strive to maintain a free, secure, and open Indo-Pacific.”

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan, one of the most difficult issues is still Taiwan. As tensions between Washington and Beijing increased, President Joe Biden and his Chinese complement Xi Jinping had a lengthy conversation over the phone on Thursday for two hours and 17 minutes.

The Chinese Ambassador to the US, Qin Gang, stated at the Aspen Security Forum in July that the Taiwan matter was the most delicate and significant fundamental issue in China-US ties.

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan, Despite openly stating that the US military did not think Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan was a smart idea, according to two sources, Biden has refrained from urging her to cancel.

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan in auguest

Including in briefings from the Pentagon and other administration officials, administration officials have been working over the past few weeks to inform the House speaker of the dangers of travelling to the democratic, self-governing island of 24 million people. However, Biden did not think it was his place to advise her not to travel, and since making his original comments on July 21. He has abstained from making any other public remarks regarding her trip.

Biden stated last month that the US military warned against Pelosi visiting Taiwan. But he has since declined to provide further clarification. The House speaker is free to choose where she travels, according to the White House.

However, Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defence, reportedly said that he and Pelosi had considered a trip to Asia. Because Pelosi is the next in line to become president. The administration takes special protections to ensure her security when she travels abroad.

Given that Xi is anticipated to run for an extraordinary third term at the approaching Chinese Communist Party congress. Administration officials are worried that Pelosi’s trip would take place at a particularly difficult time. In the upcoming weeks, Chinese party officials are anticipated to start preparing the framework for that gathering, placing pressure on the Beijing leadership to demonstrate strength.

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The Chinese leadership, according to officials, may not fully understand the political climate in the United States. Which could cause confusion about the significance of Pelosi’s probable visit. Given that Pelosi and Biden are both Democrats. The authorities believe China might be mistaking Pelosi’s visit for one by a representative of the administration. Administration officials are worried that China doesn’t, if at all, differentiate Pelosi and Biden.

Long a critic of the Chinese Communist Party, Pelosi. She has met with dissidents who support democracy as well as the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader known as the Dalai Lama, who continues to be a pain in the neck for the Chinese authorities. To honor the victims of the 1989 massacre, Pelosi unfurled a black-and-white banner in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1991 that read, “To those who perished for democracy”. She has recently shown her support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrations.

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan, the projected trip, which was scheduled for April before Pelosi tested positive for Covid-19. Has strained criticism from the Chinese embassy in the US. Members of Congress are being urged to advise the speaker not to go.

As White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan

Pelosi had every right, according to many Democrats and Republicans in Congress, to visit Taiwan.

Rep. Darin LaHood of Illinois, the other Republican on the US-China working group, said that Speaker Pelosi alone has the authority to decide whether or not to visit Taiwan. We have separate but equal branches of government in our democratic system.

Foreign governments, especially the Chinese government, should not try to sway the speaker of the House, Congress people, or other US government officials’ ability or right to travel to Taiwan or anyplace else in the globe, he continued.

White House Says Pelosi Has the Right to Visit Taiwan, some of the group seemed to be more circumspect about the diplomatically delicate trip. The first Chinese American woman elected to Congress, Democratic Rep. Judy Chu of California, declared that she had “always backed Taiwan.”

Chu responded negatively when asked if going to Taiwan right now would send the wrong message “There are two ways to look at it. One is that the relationships are currently under a lot of stress. On the other hand, you could argue that perhaps that is the time when Taiwan too needs to be supported and given strength.”

She responded, “I leave it up to people who are going to make that decision,” when asked what she thought. On Friday, more information was added to this story. Visit www.themacforums.com for more news related to china Taiwan relationships.