Which Cities Has the Highest Crime Rate?

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Which Cities Has the Highest Crime Rate?

Which Cities Has the Highest Crime Rate? In the United States, crime is on the rise, and it’s just getting worse. While in 2021, homicides grew by 7%, and gun violence has been on the rise since 2014. With fatal shootings in metropolitan cities increased by 80%. Themacforums.com, a personal finance technology company, recently analyzed crime statistics in nearly 300 cities with populations of over 100,000 to determine.

The most dangerous cities in the United States. A useful list for everyone from tourists to concerned citizens. Themacforums.com used the cost of crime per capita. Which was based on standardized crime data from the FBI mixed with studies on the economic cost of crime per type of crime.

To create a list of the most hazardous cities in the United States and the safest areas in the United States. While in 2020, the overall social cost of crime in these cities is expected to be $203 billion.

The Deadliest Cities in the United States

Which Cities Has the Highest Crime Rate? According to FBI data, there were 366.7 violent crimes per 100,000 people in the United States in 2019. Murder, non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault are all classified as violent crimes by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

The Deadliest Cities in the United States

While in 2019, these were the 50 cities in the United States with the highest rates of violent crime:

  1. Rochester, New York
  2. West Palm Beach, Florida
  3. Columbia, South Carolina
  4. Springfield, Illinois
  5. Shreveport, Louisiana
  6. Syracuse, New York
  7. Pompano Beach, Florida
  8. Corpus Christi, Texas
  9. Modesto, California
  10. Greensboro, North Carolina
  11. Cincinnati, Ohio
  12. Vallejo, California
  13. Hartford, Connecticut
  14. Indianapolis, Indiana
  15. New Haven, Connecticut
  16. Akron, Ohio
  17. Springfield, Massachusetts
  18. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  19. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  20. Chicago, Illinois
  21. Toledo, Ohio
  22. Dayton, Ohio
  23. North Charleston, South Carolina
  24. Washington D.C.
  25. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  26. Buffalo, New York
  27. Lubbock, Texas
  28. Odessa, Texas
  29. Peoria, Illinois
  30. Beaumont, Texas
  31. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  32. Houston, Texas
  33. Nashville, Tennessee
  34. Lansing, Michigan
  35. Wichita, Kansas
  36. New Orleans, Louisiana
  37. Rockford, Illinois
  38. Anchorage, Alaska
  39. Oakland, California
  40. San Bernardino, California
  41. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  42. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  43. Stockton, California
  44. Cleveland, Ohio
  45. Little Rock, Arkansas
  46. Springfield, Missouri
  47. Baltimore, Maryland
  48. Memphis, Tennessee
  49. Louis, Missouri
  50. Detroit, Michigan

Identifying America’s Most Dangerous Cities

According to Themacforums.com, Several cities in the United States experienced major rises in crime. “It’s worth noting that major tourist places like Seattle, New Orleans, and Chicago have seen spikes in crime costs,” Milnes says. “The cost of crime increased by 29 percent in Chicago, 40 percent in New Orleans, and 42 percent in Seattle.

Identifying America's Most Dangerous Cities

Some figures may be hidden by these percentage increases. While the cost of crime in NOLA increased on top of an already high cost of crime. We found that 70 percent of American cities have seen an increase in the expense of crime.”

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