When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? The pandemic’s biggest stimulus check is on its way. On March 11, President Joe Biden approved cash transfers of $1,400 as a part of the American Rescue Plan. The $1.9 trillion rescue package also includes extended unemployment benefits, a better child tax credit, and provisions for food and housing.

The great majority of people who get stimulus checks do so via direct deposit. According to the IRS, 127 million payments had been made as of March 24. About 15 million paper checks and 5 million prepaid debit cards which take longer to arrive were included in the most recent batch.

The IRS is projected to send the majority of payments to eligible Americans by mid-April, using the two previous rounds of stimulus checks as a guide. First in line will be those whose most recent tax returns include information on direct deposits.

What happened to my stimulus check?

What happened to my stimulus check?

When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? Based on remarks from the White House and the IRS, as well as earlier rounds of payments, the following schedule is anticipated for the delivery of stimulus checks:

  • The first round of direct deposits arrives in bank accounts between March 12 and 15.
  • From March 15 to March 31, cheques are mailed and direct deposits continue.
  • From April 1 to April 15, recipients of government benefits receive checks and electronic payments.

On Tuesday, the Internal Revenue Service stated that it anticipated that millions of recipients of government assistance will receive their third stimulus check the following week. The majority will be delivered by April 7 and sent online, through direct deposit, or put onto an existing Direct Express card. Recipients of federal benefits can anticipate receiving their stimulus payment in the same manner they typically do.

What happened to my stimulus check? Here’s how to track your payment and when it should arrive

The IRS explained that the change “applies to beneficiaries of Social Security retirement, survivor or disability (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits who did not file a 2019 or 2020 tax return or did not use the Non-Filers tool.”

A few days before the scheduled payment dates, the IRS delivers electronic payments to banks. If you bank with Wells Fargo or JPMorgan Chase, your deposit may appear to be pending in your account but won’t be usable until the IRS payment date. A few of smaller banks provide early direct deposit, which normally pertains to paychecks but might also cover stimulus checks.

Here's how to track your payment and when it should arrive

The IRS’s “Get My Payment” tool, which updates once per day, allows you to check the status of your stimulus check. It will demonstrate the method of sending your funds—direct deposit or postal delivery—to you (paper check or debit card). Beginning on April 3, the tool will be accessible to recipients of government assistance.

When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? According to the IRS, you are either ineligible for a third stimulus check or your payment hasn’t been processed yet if you receive a “not available” status notice. If you see a “need more information” prompt, you can expedite your payment by entering your direct-deposit information.

More than 200 million adults and 80 million children would benefit from the stimulus checks, according to the nonpartisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. To receive at least a partial check, you must have an adjusted gross income of $80,000 or less, or $160,000 if you’re married.

My Third stimulus check has vanished. Six reasons why it hasn’t yet happened

When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? A boost to their bank accounts has millions of Americans in jubilation: 127 million stimulus payments were delivered by the IRS and began to arrive in bank accounts on March 17.

My Third stimulus check has vanished. Six reasons why it hasn't yet happened

But don’t worry just yet if yours hasn’t arrived. In the next weeks, the IRS will deliver more rounds. You haven’t yet gotten your third stimulus payment for the following reason.

1: We haven’t processed your payment yet

Don’t freak out if the IRS’ Get My Payment Tool indicates “Payment status not available” even though you haven’t gotten a direct deposit or a check in the mail. If you get this message, either we have not yet processed your payment or you are not qualified for payment, it should be noted on the same page as well.

Due to changes in the qualifying criteria from the previous two payment cycles, it is important to pay close attention to the updated figures to ensure that you are in fact eligible this time.

We haven't processed your payment yet

Your payment was returned to the IRS because it couldn’t be sent if the Get My Payment Tool prompts you with the message “Need additional information.” Only in this instance, recipients of this communication can submit their accurate bank account details using Get My Payment.

This information for direct deposit consists of your bank’s name, routing number, and account number. Never attempt to provide the IRS with your bank details over the phone.

Recreating throughout the day won’t produce any new information because the IRS only changes the Get My Payment Tool information once daily, usually overnight.

2: Since submitting your 2019 tax return, your contact information has changed

If you were one of the 16 million Americans who temporarily moved during the epidemic, the IRS may not have your current address on file, according to moving tools and analysis company called MYMOVE’s examination of USPS change-of-address request data.

When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? the IRS might not have processed your 2020 tax return even if you filed your taxes early this year. According to a March 12 piece from The Washington Post, there is a backlog of approximately 6.7 million tax returns that are waiting to be processed.

Since submitting your 2019 tax return, your contact information has changed

There are a number of methods you can update the IRS on your new contact information if your mailing address has changed:

  1. When filing your 2020 taxes, make careful to include the new address and, if you employ a tax preparer, let them know.
  2. Forms 8822, Change of Address (For Individual, Gift, Estate or Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Returns), and/or 8822-B, Change of Address or Responsible Party Business, should be completed and sent to the addresses indicated on the forms.
  3. Send a letter to the IRS address listed on your most recent tax returns, together with your full name, old and new residences, Social Security number, individual taxpayer identification number, employer identification number, and signature.

If the government has already delivered your payment to an outdated address, you will need to wait until it is picked up by the IRS before trying to amend your information in getting My Payment.

Normally two to three weeks after the payment is issued, Get My Payment will display “Need More Information” if this is the case. You can then enter a routing and account number for your bank account, prepaid debit card, or other financial instrument using the tool if it has one.

3: You Just Changed Banks

You may have finalized your divorce, closed or changed your bank account to avoid fees, or moved to a new state where your former bank doesn’t have any branches or any number of other reasons. Sadly, the IRS is unable to transfer money to an account that it does not recognize.

You Just Changed Banks

When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? According to the law, the financial institution is required to refund any recent stimulus payments that were issued to inactive or closed bank accounts to the government. Even if you have other active accounts with the bank, the bank cannot hold the payment and reissue it to you if the account is inactive.

The IRS has your bank information on file, and you cannot change it. A check or debit card will be mailed to you by the government after you wait for the payment to be returned to the IRS, which could take a few weeks.

4: Your Payment Is Being Mailed

You will get the third stimulus payment via direct deposit, according to the IRS, if it has your information on file for that purpose. You could not get your stimulus payment via a direct transfer, even if the IRS has your current bank account on file.

Your stimulus payment will be sent as a check or, in certain cases, a debit card if there is a direct deposit error because of the stress of tax season and the complexity of 2020 tax returns as a result of pandemic-related tax reductions and other sorts of government assistance.

Your Payment Is Being Mailed

When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? If you don’t have a direct deposit account set up with the IRS, the payments will be sent to you via check or prepaid debit card (also known as an Economic Impact Payment card). Your payment has been mailed, but the Get My Payment tool won’t specify whether you’ll get a check or debit card.

5: Mail Delivery Is Still Sluggish

Over the holiday season, the United States Postal Service (USPS) was plagued by delivery delays, which were made worse by widespread internet shopping and a Covid-19 outbreak among thousands of postal workers. Even while the USPS reported that delivery times had improved since December, just 84 percent of first-class mail had been received on time at the start of March, falling short of the organization’s aim of roughly 96 percent.

Mail Delivery Is Still Sluggish

The IRS announced that another round of stimulus funds will be mailed out starting the week of March 22. (this includes stimulus checks and debit cards.) Check your mail frequently if Get My Payment indicates that your payment has been mailed, especially if it is not kept in a safe location.

When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? Consider up for the free USPS service, Informed Delivery, for further security. You can use this to see a preview of the mail that will arrive that day. On the IRS website, you may see images of envelopes, EIP debit cards, and stimulus checks.

6: You Don’t Usually File Taxes or You Get Social Security Benefits

The IRS took longer than expected to verify your eligibility for the third stimulus payment if you get Social Security benefits or don’t make enough money to file taxes. Before it could examine and confirm whether you were eligible for a payment and how much it would be. The IRS had to wait for information from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The IRS stated on March 30 that most, if not all, Social Security recipients and other federal beneficiaries who are qualified for a stimulus check but do not typically file a tax return, should begin receiving their payments electronically on or around April 7. This was after the IRS received the SSA data on March 25.

You Don't Usually File Taxes or You Get Social Security Benefits

When Does My Stimulus Check Arrive? This comprises people who receive Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits, SSI, or Social Security retirement, survivor, or disability benefits and did not file a 2019 or 2020 tax return or did not use the Non-Filers service.

The IRS notice also noted that, for individuals who are anticipating receiving their payments, the Get My Payment feature would be updated to reflect this change over the weekend of April 3–4.

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