What is White Labeling a Product? White label goods are advertised and sold by dealers under their trademark, although they are made by a different company. When a manufacturer chooses to use a customer’s or marketer’s branding over its own, the practice is known as white labeling. The finished product has the appearance that it was made by the buyer.

Because they feature the retailer’s name (often referred to as the “store brand”) on the label, white label products are simple to identify on store shelves. For instance, the “365 Everyday Value” product line from Whole Foods Market.

Knowledge about White Label Products

What is White Labeling a Product?  White label goods are made by a different firm than the one that sells them or even necessarily does their marketing. The benefit is that multiple businesses can handle the full process of developing and marketing a product. Depending on each company’s experience and preferences, one company may focus on creating the product, another on marketing it, and a third on selling it. White label branding offers businesses time, effort, and financial savings in terms of production and marketing costs.

Knowledge about White Label Products

If a supermarket has an exclusive agreement with a manufacturer. Then the average transportation costs might be lower than usual and the business would profit from distributional economies of scale, which is another significant benefit of private label brands. The store may offer the product for less and still make a larger profit margin thanks to cheaper delivery costs.

The popularity of private label products implies that consumers are growing less devoted to their preferred established brands and more price sensitive. The rise of private label brands is reducing the market share of national brands (the producers) in several nations.

Business Models Using White Label Products

1: Retailers

Large stores have had success with white label products, even though they can technically be found in any sector or industry. Selling their own branded goods made by other manufacturers has helped businesses like Whole Foods and Walmart.

2: Worldwide corporations and mass merchandisers

British multinational grocery and general merchandiser Tesco (TSCDY) started segmenting its client base in 1998 and creating brands that catered to each demographic. Retailers in the United States quickly followed Tesco’s lead.

Business Models Using White Label Products

What is White Labeling a Product? White labeling has been successful in the US for big-box retailers like Target Corporation (TGT), with at least 10 different brands that each target a different consumer group and product line and generate at least $1 billion annually in sales as a group.

3: Electronics Manufacturers

Branding under a private label is not just used in supermarkets. To diversify their product lines, major electronics producers of high-end computers and mobile phones frequently place their brand names on less expensive white label products.

Advantages of white labeling

According to Themacforum’s study, you can easily launch a business around an existing product by using white labeling. Through branding, a superb website, individualized shopping experiences, and distinctive packaging, you may add your flair. To sell white-label products. You don’t need any production or creative knowledge.

Advantages of white labelling

What is White Labeling a Product? White labeling could be a fantastic choice if you:

  • Are seeking to purchase a popular item
  • Want to launch a business soon?
  • Lack an original product idea
  • Want to launch a business with little initial investment?
  • Don’t want to create or manufacture things themselves
  • You need branded add-on items for your current company (say, a service-based business)
  • Are trying to use merchandise to monetize a personal or influencer brand?

11 white label items to sell on the internet

What if I told you that you could launch your line of massagers or memory foam dog beds this week? White labeling is one strategy for breaking into the independent business world quickly.

11 white label items to sell on the internet

Specifically, customizing goods made by others with your designs or branding and selling them. Selling white-label goods is a simple way for anyone to cash in on a trend or avoid having to produce their goods.

We’ll go through 11 suggestions for white label products that you can start marketing right away. Our selections for 2021 feature a wide range of hot goods, from pet accessories to active wear.

1: Water bottles made of steel

Water bottles made of steel

Pictures for any design are available on water bottles. This is a low-cost solution that enables you to sell a reproduction of your work at an affordable price to your fans if you’re an artist or designer wishing to sell merchandise. Additionally, white water bottles with a straightforward logo can be utilized to promote brands. Imagine you sell digital fitness content like virtual personal training or online yoga lessons. Branded water bottles provide a way to expand into a useful tangible good.

2: Cosmetics

What is White Labeling a Product? Unbeknownst to you, only a small number of manufacturers produce the majority of the cosmetics brands currently available on the market. They are the same formulation in some instances.


Brand recognition, packaging aesthetics, and perhaps the variety of colors available are what decide them. For instance, Seed Beauty, a private-label business that also creates ColourPop, manufactures Kylie Jenner’s line of cosmetics. Start with a single product, like lip balm, to gain experience in white label cosmetics.

3: Sportswear and accessories

The epidemic altered many things, including how we exercise. Through 2020, sales of workout apparel and equipment for at-home use surged. And even though it could take some time for us to feel at ease at a busy gym. There are still opportunities in the fitness sector.

Sportswear and accessories

Numerous manufacturers and print-on-demand businesses sell yoga mats, athletic socks, leggings, fitness gear, t-shirts, and water bottles. You might launch a clothing line or online store. Fitness influencers can monetize their businesses by creating unique workout apparel.

4: Telephone extras

Telephone extras

White label phone accessories are widely accessible, affordable to create, and simple to customize, similar to stainless steel water bottles. Designers or artists can showcase their work on inexpensive accessories like phone cases. While other accessories like cords or car mounts are simple to brand.

5: Pet equipment

The pandemic’s additional (and adorably cute) side effect was a rise in pet adoptions. To reduce loneliness, newly remote workers everywhere replaced coworkers with animal friends. Therefore, 2020 was a strong year for pet companies, and the pattern is expected to continue into 2021.

Pet equipment

What is White Labeling a Product? White labeling beds, toys, and other pet supplies will help you break into the profitable pet market. This is a fantastic choice for pet service companies that might want to expand their line of branded goods.

6: Mugs


Meme-adorned ceramic mugs, travel mugs with your brand scratched on them, or enamel camping mugs with original artwork are all options. The process of white labeling mugs has a variety of choices. It’s also an excellent moment to enter the drinkware market because more individuals are preparing coffee and tea at home as a result of the rise in remote work and the progressive closure of brick-and-mortar cafés.

7: LED lighting

LED lighting

These days, if you scroll through the thread of every trending tweet. You’ll probably find a link to an online store selling LED lighting. White label manufacturers sell a variety of lights, including innovation lights, flashlights, LED light-up sneakers, and solar-powered camp lights. Invest to differentiate your brand, website, and marketing from the competition since there are other brands on the market selling subtle variations of the same product.

8: Shopping bags

What is White Labeling a Product? The pandemic advanced many emerging consumer trends, such as support for sustainable business models. Retail establishments can add branded ecological bags to their selection, sell them at a discount, or give them away to consumers to encourage them to stop using plastic while also raising brand recognition.

Shopping bags

These are excellent choices for visual artists and designers as well. The huge, flat surface is an enormous blank canvas that makes selling your paintings simple. White label tote bags are frequently offered by print-on-demand businesses, enabling you to begin going with a little upfront cash.

9: Aromatic plants

Aromatic plants

2020 will see a rise in the use of self-care items as spas and salons close. You can white-label and sell essential oils, diffusers, and bath items created with essential oils online. Branded essential oils are a fantastic method for health influencers to make money off of their brands or get into the e-commerce market.

10: Coffee


Consider selling your own branded coffee beans instead of just mugs. To create unique mixes and packaging. Some coffee companies would collaborate with other brands. These partnerships would often demand a substantial investment, but there are less expensive options that can produce reliable passive income.

11: Hand massagers

Hand massagers

What is White Labeling a Product? Following the widespread use of at-home devices as wellness routine replacements in 2020, massage guns became another popular product concept. Numerous massage guns that may be personalized with your logo are available on many websites. Visit www.themacforums.com for more news and updates.

FAQ on white labeling

What stores should I use to sell my white-label goods?

Establishing your internet store should come first. You can conduct direct sales to customers through your website, a physical location, or Themacforums-integrated social shopping platforms and marketplaces. To sell your white label goods to other stores. You should also consider establishing a wholesale channel.

White labeling: Is it successful?

That depends on you, though! White label goods can be successful for the same factors that make other businesses successful: product-market fit, traffic-generating capacity, appropriate pricing strategies, and efficient administration of firm finances. Before beginning any business, do the numbers. Are your calculations logical? Print-on-demand or drop shipping is a low-risk way, to begin with, white labeling because there is no significant upfront commitment in the record.

Where can I find goods with white labels?

Alibaba is the most apparent location to look for a provider of white-label goods. However, numerous additional producers and businesses make white-label goods. Some, such as drop shipping and print-on-demand businesses, add with your Themacforums directly.