Themacforums – Wen Tau Yu was Studying to Become a Pharmacist Before the Monterey Park Shooting. In their 60s and 70s, two of the men who passed away at Monterey Park’s Star Ballroom Dance Studio, where 11 people were shot to death on Saturday, were aiming to new ambitions.

Wen Tau Yu, 64

Szu Fa Yu, Wen Tau Yu’s son, stated in an interview that his father had just started pharmacy school.

He was 64 years old and retired, but on Tuesday, Mr. Yu said, “He was investigating his second job.” I greatly respect him for it.

Mr. Yu recalled his father as someone who constantly tried to improve. Less than a month into the pharmaceutical program, he claimed that “his books and notes are still laying around on the desk.” It breaks my heart to witness.

According to Mr. Yu, he emigrated to the US from Taiwan, where he worked as a manager for an agricultural firm. He claimed, “He had always been there for our family, and we were very close. He taught me a lot of things.

Before his father left the Yu family for a celebration of the Lunar New Year with his friends, he never came back.

We thought it odd that he never returned,” Mr. Yu added. His family reported him missing to the police after learning from his father’s acquaintances that he missed lunch the following day.

If his father was a dancer, Mr. Yu claimed he was unaware of it. The location of his death—inside the dance studio or outside—was unknown to his family.

The Yu family was left attempting to deal with the patriarch’s passing on Monday. “I was unsure about what to do. I was stunned,” Mr. Yu remarked. “When I first learned, I was in complete disbelief. The grief is getting worse now.

Mr. Yu continues to experience nighttime awakenings. He said, “I miss his nagging.”

Mr. Yu added that he had not told his father’s mother, who is in her 90s and not in the best of health, the news. We worry that she won’t have the strength to manage it.

Yu Lun Kao, 72

People who knew Yu Lun Kao, also known as Andy, knew that he spent a lot of time honing his dance skills even outside of the lessons he attended. Yu Lun Kao was a lifelong participant in the dance scene in Monterey Park.

Wen Tau Yu was Studying to Become a Pharmacist Before the Monterey Park Shooting

His older brother, Alan Kao, described him as an upbeat individual who worked in the construction industry after moving with his brother from Taiwan to California 20 years ago.

Andy Kao had taken group lessons from Star and instructor Alex Satin and frequently practiced by himself, according to Satin.

That’s how much he liked dancing, Mr. Satrin added, “all day long.”

Mr. Kao made numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact his brother on Saturday after learning about the shooting in the news. But his brother’s phone continued to ring nonstop.

Why is he involved? stated Mr. Kao on Tuesday. Why does my brother have to be involved?

Mr. Kao expressed optimism that the tragedy will result in gun control laws because he had never anticipated his family would become a victim of gun violence.

He stated, “This Lunar New Year has been so unexpected and sad for us. “Time will heal us, I believe.”