Was Betty White Vaccinated for Covid? Some social media users are circulating a quote attribute to Betty White. In which the late comedian claims to have had a COVID-19 booster shot on December 28, just days before her death. White did not mention this, according to her presenter.

White, who became America’s senior sweetheart after Emmy-winning turns on television awards “The Golden Girls” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” died on Dec. 31, 2021, just three weeks shy of her 100th birthday, capping a career spanning more than 80 years.

"Eat healthily and get all your shots," White said on December 28th, 2021. According to a quote attribute to him. "I was just given a lift today."

Betty White died Three Days After Not receiving a Covid-19 Booster Vaccine

WHAT EXACTLY WAS CLAIM? Betty White passed away three days after receiving her Covid booster shot. There is no evidence that Betty White received a Covid-19 booster vaccine three days before her death. Therefore, this quote is not includ in the article.

Betty White died

“Betty died quietly in her sleep at her home,” Betty White’s agent, Jeff Witjas, announced in a statement on January 2, 2022. People believe her death was caused by a booster shot she received three days prior, but this is not the case.”

Was Betty White Vaccinated for Covid? “She never stated that about the booster,” he continued.

"Betty passed away due to natural causes. Three days before she died, she had not received the booster".

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During the pandemic situation, false claims on social media that celebrities. She had die or become critically ill as a result of vaccines were a common source of misinformation. We previously verified claims that the late rapper DMX receive a Covid-19 vaccine just days before his death in April 2021. While that footballer Christian Eriksen was vaccinat just days before falling on the pitch during the Euro 2020 tournament in June 2021. Neither of these statements was correct.

Betty White Claimed to have Received her COVID-19 Booster Days Before She died

Betty White, the Emmy-winning star  "The Golden Girls" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", died on Dec. 31, 2021, after a long and memorable career. She was only a few weeks away from reaching 100 years old.

Emmy-winning star of The Golden Girls

Countless tributes have been paid to White after his death. However, it spark a classic anti-vaccine narrative on social media. While wrongly linking her death to the COVID-19 vaccines. Similar to the bogus allegations that arose following the deaths of baseball icon Hank Aaron, boxer Marvin Hagler, rapper DMX, and other celebrities.

Was Betty White Vaccinated for Covid? “‘Eat well and get all of your vaccinations. Betty White, December 28th, 2021, ‘I just got booste today,’ “Various Facebook posts from January 1 and 2 said this.

COVID-19 Vaccinations are Based on a False Betty White Quotation

A false Betty White comment concerning the COVID-19 vaccines was feature in this image. Which was widely share on Facebook on January 1. A link to an article on themacforums.com. A website run by MediaNews Group. A Denver-base newspaper publisher was include in some of the Facebook posts.

False Betty White Quotation

However, White is not quote in the themacforums.com piece as having recently had the COVID-19 booster shot. Neither does the People magazine cover story about White on which the themacforums.com article is based, which was publish on December 28.

As of Jan. 3, the cause and manner of White's death had not been expose. "She died quietly in her sleep at her home early this morning," Witjas earlier told Individuals.

Even though the vaccines have been confirm to be safe. Unsupported and fake claims blaming the COVID-19 immunizations have repeatedly surfaced in the aftermath of celebrity deaths.

Betty White Claimed to have Received her COVID-19 Booster Days Before She died

Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, recently told Themacforums, "You can have a COVID vaccine and still die from something else“.

Today at themacforums.com, We give these Facebook postings a Pants on Fire rating because the quote is made up.