Visitor visa to Australia

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Are you struggling to have better employment opportunity or you want to get high quality education from foreign country? I think you can avail several opportunities there. The opportunity cost will note be very high if you get visit visa to Australia. Who the hell would not want to traveling to Australia? It means especially the students who are not having master degree from reputable college or university would prefer Australian study visa.

Visitor visa to Australia

If you have the time and financial capability, then you would want it. This land of kangaroos is known to have beautiful cities with exotic panoramas that are so impressive and unforgettable.

However, Visitor visa to Australia is not just dependent on financial capability which is a precondition, but also the complete management of documents for example passports and visas. Speaking of visas, Australia is one of the countries that issue the most visas in the world in various categories. One of them is visit visa.

What is a visitor visa?           

Visitor visa is a type of visa issued by the authority of a country for people who want to enter the territory temporarily. Visas themselves can generally be understood as licensing documents that allow a person to travel between countries. Without a visa, you cannot enter the territory of a country.

Australia is one of the countries that is quite strict in issuing visas. At a time when a number of nations have visa-free policies, but not Australia. The Australian authority still selects everyone who wants to visit his country by issuing a visa in accordance with the purpose of his arrival.

Reasons for Rejection of Australian Visa

Visa applications to Australia are not always recognized. There were also those who were rejected for a number of reasons, such as incomplete documents, passport validity that was almost expired, and even suspicion of the applicant. Because the approval of visa issuance is based on consideration of the applicant’s circumstances, such as the ability and financial security, reasons and purpose of the visit, and others. For those whose visa applications have been declined, the administrative inspection will be more stringent.

In this digitalization era, visas take various forms. Starting from a separate letter or travel document, a digital record of authorization, a stamp stamped on a passport, and even in the form of stickers.

Time duration for Australian Visa

As a form of permission to enter another country’s territory, the visa is valid for a certain period of time. That is, the visa validity period is limited according to the purpose or reason for the visit. Visitor visas generally have shorter time limits compared to other types of visas that are used for studying or working abroad. The validity period for a visitor type visa is usually between 6 to 12 months.

Types of visitor visas in Australia

A visitor visa is a category of visas issued by Australian authorities. The kinds of visitor visas to Australia depend on the purpose or reason for their visit. Therefore, do not be confused in applying for a visa. Due to the fact, errors in applying for a visa that is not in accordance with the objective or reason for the visit, can lead to rejection.

The variety of visitor visas to Australia is divided into 6 sub-classes (subclasses), depending on the purpose or reason for the visit, period of stay, and your passport. The following are the types of visitor visas issued by Australian authorities.

Electronic Travel Authority Visa

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or an Electronic Travel Authority visa is a type of visitor visa that allows you to visit Australia as often as desired with a maximum stay of 3 months for each visit. This type of visa has a maximum validity period of 12 months or one year.

With this visa, in one year you can visit Australia 4 times, if at each visit you maximize the limit of his stay. However, if you do not maximize the 3-month stay limit each time you visit, then you can visit Australia more than 4 times a year with this visa.

ETA visa holders can visit Australia as tourists who can travel and visit family or friends. In addition, this visa also allows the holder to attend training or short education for only 3 months. However, if your goal is to visit Australia to study, then a student visa would be a more appropriate choice.

ETA visa may also make visits for business reasons

In addition to vacation, you who hold an ETA visa may also make visits for business reasons. That is, with this visa, you can do work, negotiations, trade shows, seminars, and other business-related activities. However, it must also be noted that you are prohibited from working or providing business services for companies based in Australia. In addition, you are also prohibited from selling products directly to the public in Australia.

Submitting an ETA visa issuance is free of charge. However, if you send it in through an online application, an online service fee of AUD20-50 will be charged. The time required to process it ranges from 18 to 27 days, depending on the completeness of the requirements. If the application is filled in properly and all the required documents are fulfilled, the visa issuance process will be faster.

Electronic Travel Authority Visa

Electronic Travel Authority Visa can be acquired for passport holders from a number of countries both Asia and Europe such as Brunei, Malaysia, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, and even the United States. Unfortunately, Pakistani passport holders are not one of them.

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