Themacforums: Turkey-Syria Earthquake – Thousands Offer to Adopt Baby Pulled from the Rubble. Following Monday’s earthquake in northwest Syria, many of individuals have expressed interest in adopting the newborn girl who was born there.

Baby Aya, whose name in Arabic means “miracle,” was still attached to her mother by the umbilical cord when she was saved.

After the earthquake struck the town of Jindayris, her mother, father, and all four of her siblings perished.

Now, Aya is in the hospital.

Hani Marouf, the pediatrician caring for her, described how poor of a condition she was in when she came on Monday. “She had bumps, and bruises, she was cold and barely breathing,” Hani said.

Her condition is now stable.

Social media was flooded with videos of Aya’s rescue. A father was captured on camera rushing away from the wreckage of a collapsed building while carrying a dust-covered baby.

She was hauled to safety by a distant relative, Khalil al-Suwadi, who also carried the infant to Dr. Marouf in the Syrian city of Afrin.

On social media, many people have now requested information about adopting her. According to one rumor, her great-uncle would adopt her.

One lady said, “I would like to adopt her and give her a proper life.”

“I’m ready to take care of and adopt this youngster… if legal procedures allow me to,” a Kuwaiti TV host declared.

Khalid Attiah, the hospital manager, claims to have fielded dozens of calls from people looking to adopt baby Aya from all over the world.

Dr. Attiah, whose daughter is only four months her senior, stated: “Now, I won’t let anyone adopt her. I’m treating her like one of my own until her distant family shows up.”

She is currently being breastfed by his wife alongside their own daughter.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake – Thousands Offer to Adopt Baby Pulled from the Rubble

People have been looking for loved ones in the collapsed buildings in Aya’s hometown of Jindayris.

Mohammed al-Adnan, a journalist there, told the REPORTERS: “The predicament is disastrous. Under the debris, there are so many individuals. Still, there are some folks we haven’t managed to free.”

He calculated that 90% of the town had been devastated, and the majority of the assistance received so far had been from locals.

Rescuers from the White Helmets group, who have spent more than a decade rescuing victims from the wreckage during the civil conflict in Syria, have been assisting in Jindayris.

Mohammed al-Kamel warned that given how unstable the building is, the rescuers might also become victims.

We just took three bodies out of this debris, and we believe there is still a family within; we’ll keep digging.

Following the earthquake, more than 3,000 deaths have been recorded in Syria.

This number excludes fatalities in opposition-held regions of the