Trump Thinks He’s a Master at Gaslighting – A 1938 story about a husband who decides to start telling his wife lies and overstatements is where the phrase “Gaslighting” originates. The woman started to doubt her understanding of reality since the husband kept telling the lies over and over again. This practice is called Gaslighting. The victim’s inability to envision a world other than the one the gaslighter imposes is the gas lighter’s greatest weapon.

Gaslighting is effective because it goes against your capacity for critical thought when a person in a position of authority, in whom you genuinely believe and perhaps even feel love, tells you lies.

Because we so much want to believe the person in charge. Our ability to exercise critical thought starts to fail. Just as air and water are essential for a healthy human body, so too is the quest for truth.

The gaslighter keeps telling lies and making exaggerations, and he will attack anyone who risked to disagree with him. Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi distorted, once said: “A falsehood spoken once is a lie; a lie told a thousand times is the truth.” The victim of Gaslighting is ultimately planning to trust the fake parallel world and start acting by it.

Critical thinking skills among the sufferers lead them to believe that Mr. Biden defeated Mr. Trump by 7 million votes. The election was fair and accurate, according to elected authorities from all 50 states. The outcomes were confirmed by requested recounts. When the courts demanded evidence of any suspected fraud. The president’s attorneys failed to provide any.

Trump Apparently Thinks He’s a Master at Gaslighting

Trump Thinks He’s a Master at Gaslighting, the 2020 election was declared to be secure, accurate, and uncompromised by the president’s director of cybersecurity, whose responsibility it was to assure a safe election. Christopher Krebs was fired a week later. Keep in mind that the gas lighter attacks everyone who challenges their perception of reality.

William Barr, the attorney general for the president, claimed that his office, along with the FBI and the Justice Department, had not discovered any fraud significant enough to invalidate the election. The gaslight victims seem unable to break away from the illusion, despite all convincing proof to the contrary.

A reporter questioned President Trump about some facts on one of his first days in office that was both categorically factual and damning of him. In response, President Trump said, “That’s fake news.” As soon as I heard him say it, I had a very unpleasant feeling.

He’s a Master at Gaslighting

The current attempt by Mr. Trump to distort the results of the 2020 election is just a continuation of the sad trend of falsehoods that have characterized his position. It looks like the gaslighter is currently succeeding in his attempt to persuade his followers to accept his version of reality.

Trump Thinks He’s a Master at Gaslighting, in each primary election he lost, Mr. Trump insisted he was the victim of fraud. Months in advance, he started to sow the seeds for his 2020 election fraud claim. claiming that voting by mail was insecure. that the only possible reason someone as well-known as him could lose was through deception. Mr. Trump did not consider that Mr. Biden might be more popular.

Trump wants nothing more than to remain in office. Why the extreme need? Mr. Trump has avoided losses throughout his adult life, leaving lenders and construction workers high and dry whenever business ventures failed. When debtors ventured to attempt collection, a flood of counter litigation would be launched against them.

Trump Thinks He’s a Master at Gaslighting

When Mr. Trump felt himself in a tight spot financially, he would declare ruin. Trump has never had to wear the moniker “loser.” To ever be perceived as a loser or weak in his eyes is anathema. Trump Thinks He’s a Master at Gaslighting when the new president is inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

Mr. Trump would never accept the epithet “loser” because he has never had to consider that word in his life. His most potent political tools are fear, intimidation, and attacks from his followers. I worry that Mr. Trump’s indulgence in his divisive and destructive inclinations is getting worse. The voters have spoken, Mr. Trump. You won’t be able to win a second term by using Gaslighting.

Stop acting like Mr. Trump is a 4-year-old in a room with a loaded pistol, is my suggestion to Republican leaders. Face lies with the truth. The truth will reliably succeed in that debate. You simply need the courage.

Master at Gaslighting

For the victims of the gaslight, try to recall how your life used to be before this man consumed it. He’s about to lose his ability to gaslight. The president’s loudspeaker is being removed. Perhaps then you can release the hold.

We might learn more about the motivations behind Mr. Trump’s resolute effort to maintain his position of power after he becomes an ordinary citizen. I expect that Trump Thinks He’s a Master at Gaslighting will only become worse from now until the induction. At this point, it’s all Mr. Trump has left.

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