Top Smartphones of 2015

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Top Smartphones of 2015

For top smartphones of 2015, we at The Macforum have put our efforts to get the best smartphones bring out for you in 2015 revealing top class features. While we were making our keen search to put in front of you the best handsets of 2015.

Then it was coming across the storm of smartphones launching in 2015 out there. Which were very similar to each other with same outlooks?

Best Smartphones in 2015

By very crucial and deep search, we have got some fantastic smartphones over the era of 2015.

Top smartphones of 2015 are the blessing of science and had set new trend in the industry of smart tool devices ad gadgets. So That is why we have listed some top features and bestselling smartphones in the era of 2015. This amazing and superlative lists of smartphones stood at the top of column is given below;

1. iPhone 6s and 6s plus

from last few decades Apple company has been become most powerful and most popular company in order to produce latest version and modern technology smartphones.

Here we are going to disclose the most demanded and top features smartphones Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus in 2015. These are well-known cellphones and high purchasing rate devices. This high class demand is based on its strong hardware and best performance lowering down other competitors in race.

Apple 6s and 6s plus running with fabulous speed having amazing magic powers and impressing the users. These Apple smartphones have unbeatable battery capacity and 3D touch sensitivity.

Therefore, Apple iPhone 6s plus and 6s are most famous handsets just due to their high resolution camera and front facing capacity running with it.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Net price launched with $499.99 over the world in 2015. Samsung company is also no-doubt top best smart tool gadgets company in the world and is most popular company with its latest brand smartphone innovation.

In 2015, Samsung had introduced its best smartphones. Over that, one of the best-selling smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This was best smartphone with that time latest Exynos chipset operating system has beat easily its competitors in market over the whole world.

This smartphone of Galaxy Edge S6 is running with great multiple colors and instant clicker high resolution smart camera placed in its body with beautiful position and style attract others. People loved to buy this smartphone in 2015.

3. Sony Xperia Z5

Sony has been the first company in the world which has introduced 4K screen resolution display on smartphones in 2015. In this way this is founder of this innovation put ibn its smartphones over that era 2015.

As someone has to put first step in this innovative introduction over the world and Sony had done this is 2015. So that is why I have put this smartphone of Sony Xperia in top best smartphones run in 2015.

When we talk about its camera capacity then you will be surprised to know that Sony has put its all efforts to do best with introduction of 4K display in its smartphones. That is why, others programing Softwares and camera improvement had been neglected by it. Sony Z5 Xperia has launched with android 5.1 operating system with the similarity of Sony’s last smartphone model.

Final note

If you are searching for the best and top smartphone of 2015. Then we have explained with your world’s top best smartphones introduced in 2015. These smartphones are best-selling and well-known handsets and has proved their superhot with pure feedback by consumers. These are all efforts done by skilled and experts researchers of The Macforum for top smartphones of 2015.

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