In terms of news pertaining to the Virginia men’s basketball program. It was a fairly quiet week. After returning from their trip to Italy last weekend. The squad joined the rest of UVA’s student body in starting school This Week in Virginia Basketball News – August 26th. The coaching staff’s attention will be on engaging over the next few weeks because the season is still a few months away.

This Week in Virginia Basketball News – August 26th. A recap of the team’s exhibition trip to Italy is included in the following list of the most recent headlines relating to the UVA men’s basketball program, along with some employing advice for the class of 2023.

We concluded our coverage of Virginia’s exhibition tour in Italy on Saturday with our four key learnings. Naturally, one should proceed with caution when drawing conclusions from a set of exhibition games played abroad, especially in light of the scant availability of box score data and game footage. Nevertheless, we did our best to process what we discovered about the squad over the four games of the tour and developed four key insights that are detailed below: The Virginia Basketball Exhibition Tour in Italy: Four Lessons.

Returning to the recruiting front, UVA has now created the most recent cut lists for each of its six offered targets in the class of 2023. Davin Cosby Jr., a guard for Richmond, listed Virginia among his top seven teams on Sunday, along with Alabama, LSU, NC State, Wake Forest, and Auburn. This weekend, Cosby will make an official trip to UVA.

This Week in Virginia Basketball News – August 26th. Along with Cosby, Virginia is on the most recent cut lists of TJ Power (Shrewsbury, MA), Taison Chatman (Minneapolis, MN), Andrej Stojakovic (Carmichael, CA), Elmarko Jackson (South Kent, CT), and Elijah Gertrude (Jersey City, NJ).

This Week in Virginia Basketball News

This Week in Virginia Basketball News – August 26th, 247Sports updated its player rankings for the 2023 recruiting class, and a number of UVA’s remaining targets, as well as Blake Buchanan, Virginia’s only verbal commitment in the class, rose in the rankings.

This summer, Buchanan’s recruiting reputation soared, and the most recent rankings now reflect that transformation. Buchanan, who was previously a three-star prospect and the class’s No. 161 overall player, has since upgraded to a four-star rating on 247 and climbed an incredible 94 spots to No. 67 in the player rankings.

This Week in Virginia Basketball News – August 26th. On the first day of school for this year’s team, UVA’s social media platforms had some fun with the players. Visit for more news and the latest update related to sports.