Did you know that Swype for iPhone free? As keyboard features and workings has been restricted with Apple operating system for long period.

Look in the past, Apple users are now allowed to use any 3rd party keyboard on their iPhone operating system.

Download Swype for iOS 8 for iPhone free

The Mac Forums informs you that Apple has changed now its behavior and has given you latest version iOS 8. This operating system allows you to get access and use any 4rd party keyboard on your iPhone device operating system.

In this way, get latest iOS 8 and unlock gates to get access to any keyboard from 3rd party source on you Apple phone.

Therefore, Apple has decided to put this feature in its latest version iOS 8 by looking at the brand popularity of SwiftKey and Gborad keyboard over the world.

Swype Keyboard iPhone

Then Apple got to know what they are missing and resolve this missing by updating in iOS 8.

So, now Apple has introduced wide range options to choose and pick one according to your desire.  That is why, Apple store is full now with these sorts of keyboard over there.

However, in this article, we are discussing about the Swype for iPhone free.

STOCK iOS Keyboard Swype for iPhone free

Best functionalities of keyboard Swype for iPhone free is here as STOCK Keyboards for iOS. This is most interesting and amazing keyboard to use in any iOS operating system of Apple devices. So, this is called most fast and get quick way ti work with any iOS3.

If you have working with beta public iOS 13 in recent time and have great experience with it. Ten you may feel mixed with it. As this is most favorable Swype keyboard with iOS. But if you are using this one on your device.

STOCK iOS Keyboard Swype for iPhone free

Then you might face some difficulties to use it. Like you may expect that this keyboard works with most used words but when it comes in practice, then you will see the difficulties to pick any your word with it that you ate using most probably.

Top Swype Keyboard App for iPhone- STOCK iOS

Other than this concern, this Swype keyboard on your iPhone use free has also most advance feature with it. Like you have options to pick emojis with picker. And you are also allowed to pick any language as it is available with multiple languages.

But the most attractive and decent feature with shine your eyes to see that is its ability to update or change your keyboard background with your desire or any picture can be fitted over it.

SWIFTKEY Swype on iPhone free

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard on the App Store

Over the world, with new trends everyone wants to change or swipe its keyboard with new one to make a new change it its iPhone life. In this case, SWIFTKET keyboard Swype for iPhone free is only one who has introduced to swipe your keyboard with new one.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard on the App Store

That is why, this more advance application by which you can jump from one to next. Working features and functionalities can be jumped also in this keyboard SWIFTKET.

After the success of this keyboard, world’s top class company Microsoft required this application a then this has become the [art of software at essential stuff.