Studying in Australia means you are having a degree which meets all international standards. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane is one of the most modern universities in Australia. If you get success in getting admission at Queensland University, then you feel lucky being enrolled there.

The Queensland University of Technology, Australia is well acknowledged nationally and internationally for its programs and actively prepares you for the job market.

Courses at Queensland University of Technology, Australia

QUT Australia offers many courses of study, good facilities and it is very popular with international students. Get personal tutoring and answers to all your questions about advanced research in Brisbane at Queensland University of Technology.

The finance department at QUT can tell you how you can finance your studies in Brisbane and where you can apply for scholarships. In short, they make it easy for you to become a student in Australia.

Do you want to know more about studying at QUT?

Queensland University of Technology, Australia will help you to earn degree like

  • Bachelor degree at Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Master degree at Queensland University of Technology Brisbane
  • PhD program at QUT Australia
  • diploma / certificate at QUT

At Queensland University of Technology. You can get insights about multiple courses. How about studying journalism, marketing, communication or health sciences at QUT, Australia? Or a bachelor degree in film, television sciences or a master in business administration?

Why study at QUT?

QUT has the nickname ‘A University for the Real World’ and that is not for nothing or its not just a name. The university has been given this name because of its close ties with society, relevant education and applied research.

Theoretical Knowledge at QUT

If you are looking for a study that combines practice and theory, then QUT is the right place for you. Moreover, QUT is based in Brisbane, a great city with 24 parks and more than 260 days of sunshine a year. The location of the main QUT campus is also ideal. It is located in the middle of Brisbane’s Central Business District, close to shops, nightlife and the cultural center.

Student Life at QUT Australia

Another good reason to study at QUT is the good student life in Brisbane. Students describe this as a good mix of everything. From a relaxed lifestyle to enjoying outdoor activities all year round, Brisbane has it all. You can enjoy cycling, walk and there are lively music scenes.

Campuses of Queensland University of Technology, Australia

QUT has two campuses: Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove. Gardens Point is located near the Brisbane River in the center of the city, opposite to the Botanical Gardens and the Parliament Building.

You are close to shops, restaurants, theaters, galleries and public transportation. Kelvin Grove is only 2 kilometers from the city center of Brisbane. From the campus you have good access to public transportation, with buses to the center and the Gardens Point campus.

Art gallery at Queensland University of Technology, Australia

The university has a wide range of facilities that you can use as a student. QUT has its own art gallery, several swimming pools, sports facilities, fitness centers and much more.

In addition, there is a pleasant atmosphere on the campuses and many activities are organized after the lectures, such as social events and parties. This keeps a student active and they cannot feel any kind of boring life at QUT Australia. You will soon meet new people. Moreover, there are many student clubs that you can join, whether you like sports, gaming, movies, politics or cooking!

QUT Business School Australia

The Business School of QUT has been working since 2005, the first and only Australian Business School that has a Triple Crown Accreditation. This means that the school is accredited by the three most important international accreditation bodies:

Triple Crown Accreditation

  1. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB in Tampa, Florida),
  2. European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS in Brussels)
  3. The Association of MBAs (AMBA in London)

Only few universities (less than 1%) in the world have this accreditation.

Student accommodation at QUT

QUT offers excellent accommodations for students on the Kelvin Grove campus. The complex is called Iglu Kelvin Grove and there are all kinds of rooms to choose from. Good and clean Rooms in apartments you will find there.

In these rooms you share the kitchen and bathroom with others. You can also look for rooms with even more privacy. The housing office of QUT also helps you if you prefer private housing. Most European students choose to share an apartment with other students. It is relatively easy to find living space in Brisbane.

For a good start to your study period in Brisbane, you can starter package as well. It is something available with low budget options.

Entry requirements and registration with QUT Australia

To be admitted to a bachelor’s degree, you must have a VWO diploma. Do you not have a VWO diploma but a different background? Then there might also be possibilities for you.

To get admission in a master’s degree at QUT you must have to complete a bachelor’s degree.

In most cases, you can also take an English language test. The tests that you can do are the TOEFL or the IELTS test.

World class education at

The courses start twice a year, in February and July. We recommend that you contact them at least six months before the start of the semester to start the registration. The admission officers help you with all your questions, the entire registration procedure and all other practical matters. You need to have this period in mind as you are going to get world class education through Queensland University of Technology.