Studying abroad in Sweden means to study at the highest academic level with expert level support. Swedish universities are known for their excellent study conditions. In addition, there are no tuition fees in Sweden. And even some universities charge fee but they are acceptable for lot of students.

Studying Abroad in Sweden

And the country itself also attracts students due to great nature, charm and a great nightlife. For your semester Studying Abroad in Sweden, the route via a partner university or an exchange program is recommended. Many Pakistani universities have partner universities in Sweden and more than 20 Swedish universities participate in the Erasmus exchange program alone. There is also the possibility of a scholarship abroad, with which you can finance your journey and costs for study in Sweden.

Free study in Sweden

Getting a study place in Sweden as a free student is possible, but it is usually difficult because countless international students want to spend a semester abroad in Sweden.

The path through a partner university or participation in an exchange program is more recommendable.

Big advantage of studying in Sweden:

Here a large number of students get employment who complete education from Swedish universities. The largest exchange program for Sweden is Erasmus with more than 20 participating Swedish universities.

Coveted Erasmus program in Sweden

Our tip: To get a place in the coveted Erasmus program, you have to apply to the respective coordinators at your university about a year before!

You do not need a visa to enter Sweden if you are a citizen of an EU country or have an unlimited residence permit, are a recognized refugee or a recognized person.

And being Pakistani you should have surety that a lot of chances to get admission in Swedish universities exist. Because already our graduates completed their study from Swedish universities.

Cost of studying abroad in Sweden

First of all, the good news: studying in Sweden is free of charge. In addition, most of the exchange students receive in Sweden free health insurance. However, there are still some cost blocks that you should keep in mind when planning your semester abroad in Sweden.

Scholarship in Sweden:

Anyone who has achieved a place through Erasmus can look forward to a partial scholarship between €40 -250 per month. Other grants are awarded through organizations in Germany such as B. the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and foundations or z. B. through the Swedish Institute Stockholm.

In the database of you will find all scholarships from the DAAD, the Swedish Institute and lots of other attractive scholarships for your study abroad in Sweden.

Don’t forget to apply for BAFog:

You should also apply for a BAfoG abroad. Incidentally, this can be done online with just a few clicks. The online application has the great advantage that it is much faster and the application is usually submitted without errors. Because most BAfoG applications contain errors – and this leads to a delay in payment – if you are unlucky for many months.

You should avail each chance of getting Sweden Education.

University choice in Sweden

Sweden has around 100+ colleges and universities spread across the country. English courses are available almost everywhere for exchange students. The group size is relatively small with about 15-20 students and enables close contact with the course instructors.

The traditional universities regularly maintain high position in university rankings

  • Stockholm
  • Lund and
  • Uppsala in law, economics and linguistics
  • Gothenburg
  • Technical University of Stockholm
  • Linköping in the field of engineering.

The University of Stockholm is the largest university in Sweden with over 68,000 students. If you spend your semester abroad in Sweden, you can generally study a wide range of subjects at all universities.

Only some specific universities are an exception some of them are given below.

  • the Karolinska Institute for Medicine,
  • the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
  • the Swedish University of Agriculture in Alnarp,
  • Flyinge,
  • Skara,
  • Stromsholm,
  • Skinnskattenberg,
  • Uppsala,
  • Wangen and Umeå.

The Karolinska Institute is one of the best medical institutes in Europe. Scandinavian countries, especially Sweden, have for years been an increasingly popular destination for international students, and actively welcome international students. Although there has recently been a change in tuition fees, Sweden has a lot to offer to international students. Sweden is a beautiful country, very sophisticated with natural beauty and abundant nature reserves, including a culture of free thought.

Education standards in Sweden

Education standards in Sweden is quite high. Five Swedish universities featured in the QS World University Top 200 Rankings, University of Gothenburg, Lund University, Uppsala University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University. The country supports the development of innovation and this is reflected in the success of its business: Skype, Ericsson, Volvo, Spotify, IKEA and the H&M clothing store are all Swedish success stories.

Educational philosophy in Sweden

The educational philosophy in Sweden strongly encourages the development of individual research and lectures, and will insist you to think independently and develop your knowledge. A large number of Master’s programs in Sweden with industry practice are available so you gain a valuable edge in the labor market when you complete your course.