British Columbia is a well famous place especially for students of bachelor or master degree holders. Study at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is a modern and innovative university based in the city of Kamloops in the beautiful Canadian province of British Columbia. The campus is surrounded by spectacular landscapes. If you would like to study abroad and enjoy adventure and outdoor activities, this university is the perfect choice for you!

Updated guide about study abroad

Get personal tutoring and answers to all your questions about studying in Kamloops at Thompson Rivers University. We can tell you how you can finance your studies in Kamloops and where you can apply for scholarships. In short, we make it easy for you to become a student in Canada. So, keep reading this post till end. You are not alone we will try best to give you updated guide to study abroad.

  1. Bachelor degree at Thompson Rivers University
  2. Master at Thompson Rivers University
  3. diploma / certificate at Thompson Rivers University

Why should you study at TRU?

Many study programs have dual options (co-op options), which means that you can combine studying with gaining paid work experience. Average salaries are around CDN $ 2-4,000. If you compare it with other countries, then it would not be a small amount. Especially in a case, where you study and earn at same time. After study, there are fair chances that you will

Additional courses at TRU

With a study at TRU in Canada you have, in addition to a choice of many interesting courses and training courses, access to beautiful ski areas and a wide variety of outdoor activities throughout the year. Within 40-45 minutes by car you are in some of Canada’s most popular ski resorts! And the great city of Vancouver is only a 45-minute flight from Kamloops. Are you excited to take a flight for your higher degree at Kamloops?

Sports in Canadian Education

Sport is an important part of Canadian education and the university therefore TRU in Canada has a wide variety of varsity teams (university sports teams), such as the WolfPack male and female volleyball, basketball and soccer team. TRU also has six other sports teams; baseball, cross country running, golf, swimming, curling and a cheer squad.

The city of Kamloops is small and intimate and there are cozy cafes, making it easy to make contacts and make new friends. Studying at TRU is an unforgettable experience and with students from more than 85 countries, you study here in an international environment.

What can you study at TRU?

TRU offers courses in many fields of study, from

  • business economics,
  • information technology
  • sports to tourism and even adventure studies.

Adventure Sport Certificate at Thompson Rivers University

For example, you can opt for Adventure Studies and obtain an Adventure Sport Certificate, Adventure Management Diploma, or Adventure Guide Diploma. The university offers almost 200 different courses and to guarantee the high quality of the education, you will be taught in small classes of an average of 24 students per class and you will of course also regularly go on excursions or expeditions for adventure studies.

Work Experience

You can also combine your study at TRU with gaining work experience by using the various work experience places and co-op programs. Contact university management directly for more information about the study options, courses and making a study choice that suits you.

Dual programs – studying and working in Canada

A dual program combines a study with paid work experience in Canada. Students also receive credits for their diploma. Working periods start in January, May or September and last four, eight or two months.

The wages vary between $ 10-30 per hour. The dual program is a great way to gain work experience while studying abroad, which means that you will graduate with work experience on your resume, which is in high demand  by companies around the world.

The dual program is available for students with the following courses:

Bachelor of Arts

Types of jobs are: festival production assistant, gallery curator, ECOsmart Team Member

Bachelor of Business Administration –

Nature of jobs are: trainee account manager, HR assistant, PR coordinator, research assistant

Bachelor of Tourism Management –

What kinds of jobs there? events & marketing coordinator, guest relations agent, multimedia journalist, social media content creator, tour leader

Engineering Transfer Program

Examples of jobs are

Agile developer, project coordinator, QA Tester

Bachelor of Computing Science –

Kinds of jobs are: application developer, agile developer, system analyst, website developer

Bachelor of Science –

Various available jobs are: software developer, biologist, laboratory analyst

Bachelor of Natural Resource Science –

Examples of jobs are: air quality specialist, environmental expert, pollution control specialist, water quality specialist

Student accommodation at TRU

In terms of living space, you can choose from a host family (homestay), a room in the student house, TRU Residence, on campus or in McGill Housing near the campus. The nice thing about staying with a host family, or a room with a Canadian family, is that you get to know the language and culture even better.

You have your own room with a room in the TRU Residence on campus. This is fully furnished with a bed, desk, cupboard, fridge, hob and microwave. You share the bathroom with three other students and you have access to the common areas with a large kitchen, TV room, separate study rooms and laundry room.

The Upper College Heights Student Housing

Even if you do not want to live on campus or in a host family, finding a room in the vicinity of the university is no problem. The Upper College Heights Student Housing, for example, offers good off-campus student accommodation close to the TRU campus. As a new student, TRU’s Off-Campus Housing Registry offers you the opportunity to search for rooms, roommates or to make a call yourself.

Entry requirements and registration with TRU Canada

Would you like to study at this Canadian university? Then keep in mind that the education system in Canada is different from system of Pakistan. Our study analysis tells you which diplomas you are admitted to and whether you still have to meet additional requirements or not. Here are the admission requirements:

VWO Diploma for admission in TRU

To be admitted you must have a VWO diploma. The admission requirements vary per study level and type of study program. TRU also assesses your previous and current studies and your grade average.

English Language Requirement

Good knowledge of the English language is a requirement for admission. As an international student, you must take an English language test in most cases. The tests that are accepted are the TOEFL or IELTS. In case you have not taken these tests or your score is not sufficient, you can take an English Placement Test (EPT) on arrival.

The academic year is divided into 3 semesters that starts in October, May and January. Some courses start every semester, while others only start once a year. Contact the relevant study advisor at least 6 months before the start of the semester to start your application, as the visa application takes a lot of time. We are happy to help you with your questions, registration and other practical matters through this detailed article.

We hope you will take action in time and you will not waste your energy in applying at different universities. We should note that number of study advisors just in a view of commission misguide you about foreign study plans.

Their aim is to charge high fee but ultimately they are not in favor of your best future. They want to just increase number of applicants who have plan to study abroad. So, at you will get proper information regarding study options in best universities of the world. As you saw TRU Canada is producing quality results and graduates each year.