November 19, 2022, California President and CEO Paul Markovich is beyond thrilled to be a part of the digital health revolution because it no longer represents an esoteric idea to healthcare organizations. In the foreseeable future, Markovich sees the sector advancing significantly by fostering healthier payer-provider relationships and improved outcomes Strong Payer-Provider Partnerships Are Essential to Transforming Health Care.

This week at HLTH 22 in Las Vegas, Markovich spoke about these upcoming steps at the session “Cleared for Takeoff: Health Pilots & Partnerships.” He was accompanied by Ralph de la Torre, chief executive officer of Steward Healthcare Systems, Arpa Garay, a chief commercial officer of Moderna, and Alisha Alaimo, president of Biogen’s U.S. Organization.

Markovich discussed the methods California uses to track and measure its results with its partners, emphasizing the need for ongoing attention to the steps that must be taken to get there. True alignment on both sides, in Markovich’s opinion, is a critical component of that procedure.

We look for a top-down, strongly philosophical alignment in an organization. Healthcare is difficult. The value chain is difficult at every point, according to Markovich. You can try to include some things in a contract, but you won’t be able to cover every issue that arises between you and your spouse. Therefore, it’s essential that you have shared worldviews, that you’re in this together, and that your relationship is sincere.

Markovich points us that success must be rewarded. Positive results will continue to be observed at a higher rate if there is a genuine incentive for payers and providers to put up their best efforts.

Strong Payer-Provider Partnerships Are Essential to Transforming Health Care

Providing high-quality care at reasonable, affordable prices is essential to this mutually beneficial relationship.

“We must coordinate based on incentives. We need a system where providing effective, affordable, high-quality, high-service care is rewarded for doctors, hospitals, and the other end of the value chain said, Markovich. We are all rowing in the same direction when that occurs.

According to Malkovich, the two sides will continue to disagree as long as cost-cutting primarily benefits a provider’s bottom line.

However, Markovich is still inspired by the prospects for digital health and the chance to collaborate with some of the best service providers in the industry. He still makes it obvious to them what needs to happen for partnerships to advance further.

He responded, “Help us make health care more affordable. The cost is too damn high.”