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Speed dial on iPhone

Are you looking to get speed dial on iPhone? So featured stories recognized in older phones and like some android phones to configure the number into your keypad of phone with the numbers of 2,3,4,5, 6…….9. This tip feature called speed dial number into your phone.

However, you have seen this kind of feature mostly in previous model cellphones or in some android smartphones. But Apple company didn’t give this opportunity in its iOS mobile phones. Which was somehow negative point by iPhone?

How to Add a Speed Dial Icon to Your iPhone Home Screen?

Consequently, Apple company has revise its technology and gives you speed dial number opportunity into its latest model smartphones. So now Apple brand supports speed dial quick number dialing offer to its customers.

The Mac Forum will tell you how to get speed dial number to your iPhone in different ways. So let’s move forward.

Speed dial on iPhone by using favorites

If you desire to put your favorites number into speed dial like you want to have your family and friends with your quick speed dialing approach. Then you have to add your friends and family number into favorites option as given to you on your iPhone.

In this way, whenever you want to call quickly, you can do this. Let’s learn how you can add your friends and family member’s number into speed dial on your iPhone;

  • You have to open your contact catalogues into your iPhone memory.
  • Then click on the contact which you want to add on favorites.
  • Now click on Add to put that contact into favorites on speed dial.
  • At final stage, you have to tap on Favorites placed lowed on the line left side of window and get access your clicked contact on your speed dial favorites.

Same like normal standard calls, you can also use this option for face calling, iMessages, and mailing purpose.

Moreover, you can also get this speed dial favorite feature by simple clicking on Plus sign on your screen of favorites placed over there. Then press on Edit option to add or remove any contact into or from favorites on your iPhone.

Quick Speed dial on iPhone via Asking Siri

Here is the most quick and fast way to call, someone on your iPHone via speed dialing. Tis desire is accomplished by using Siri the feature present in Apple smartphones. You can use Siri and ask to call anyone to which yu want to make a call.

Moreover, you can also get Siri the smart speaking feature on your smartwatch and smart AirPods.

If you want to set up Siri to make any activity on your iPhone. Then you just have to speak with Siri by saying Hey Siri and go by talking with Siri and ask to do your desire option by just speaking with Siri.

Speed Dial on iPhone with Home Screen

This is the third way to put speed dial number on your iPhone. You can add your number for speed dial on home screens shortcut. This can be done instantly by just single tapping on contact with shortcut app feature to add on your iPhone’s home display screen.

Once you have done this speed dial option on your phone’s home screen with shortcut. Then you have to just tap on shortcut contact and quickly calling is done by you. That is why, all we have discussed above the methods to add speed dial numbers on iPhone, this is fastest and quickest way to put your numbers on speed dial.

iPhone speed dial numbers for Contact on Today’s view

iPhone speed dial numbers for Contact on Today’s view

This option is most modern with Today View on your screen with right move to very first home screen display page to go for lock your phone’s scree. Today view contact widget is added on your speed dial feature by using following instruction and steps;

  1. First of all, open your phone from lock security of the phone.
  2. Then you have to move your first display screen with left side.
  3. Now click on Edit option from button line of Today view.
  4. Press on Plus button sown there from left top of window.
  5. Go down to your options with contacts and select from given size to add on dial speed numbers. So, press Add Widget to go for Done and get completed the process.
  6. To add your contact on Contact Widget, choose the contacts from shown list to add into your favorites for speed dial. For this, you have to press on Edit Widget.
  7. Now click on Existing Contact and go for different number from contact list on your iPhone.
  8. Finally, click on any position out of the widget on screen and save all your activity changes for your speed dial processing.
  9. So now, you are able to call by fast dial just clicking on Today View.
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