On previous Apple Phones, people are confused about how to speed dial on iPhone? However, the feature of speed dial on iPhone is happened by configuration of the numbers on your keypad of phone.

How to Add a Speed Dial Icon to Your iPhone Home Screen?

Then you can do this by just one click on any number to make phone call with your favorites. In this way, faster speed dial numbers are not held by phone operating system. As this is happened by the folks at same process by other ways.

But you are lucky as you are presented this feature on your personal available iPhone operating with modern technology. The Mac Forum thrown this research to you for your comfort.

How to Use Speed Dial on an iPhone?

Let’s know what are the best ways to get feature of speed dial on your iPhone. As Apple company provide you the choice for choosing a special contact number to make a quick and faster call by just only one click.

There are 3 ways by which you can get activated speed dial option on your Apple smartphone.

Siri speed dial on iPhone

This is very simple way. In this section, iPhone gives you a permission to put your favorite contact numbers on your shortcut widgets on your display home screen surface. That you can later in use them.

In this way, you can get faster calling by using shortcut option placed on the surface of your home screen. This option utilizes the services of Siri the smart speaking services to make a phone call.

Therefore, you just have to command Siri by speaking to you desire contact number saved by any name. call the Siri and ask to call your saved number. And within few moments, calling will be started.

Shortcut Speed Dial on iPhone

This is also shortcut form by Apple company but tiny different. In this section, you don’t need to use Siri the smart speaking feature on your iPhone. You just have to make your contact numbers transformed into shortcuts and then use them to make speedy call to your contact number.

While using shortcuts, you have to fix some favorites numbers and use them to call quickly.

Contact number on widgets surface

You can use speed dial number for fast calling on your iPhone. You just need to put your contact number on widgets. This is a contact widget application build-in your iPhone operating system.

This app using a kind of shortcut source to make a call by just on click on adjusted contact numbers showing widget application.

Use your contacts as favorites speed dial on iPhone

This sort of speed dial has very common way to get enabled on your iPhone. You can add contacts of your friends and family in favorites option of speed dial on iPhone with some number like 2,3, 4…9.

  1. Open your phone and click on contact list of phone.
  2. Click on your required person’s contact number saved in your contact list of phone.
  3. Then go to Add to Favorites and press on Call option given to you.
  4. Now you have click on Phone number.
  5. Then again push the favorite icon button to add your number in favorites.