Size of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus

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Size of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus

When something feels different like size of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus. This will be amazing here.

As biggest deal with the release of iPhone 7 plus with considerable upgradation over the Apple device 6s plus. Nevertheless, we will put sight on iPhone 6 plus.

Compare iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus

As here is great option to consider the size different of iPhone 6 plus with iPhone 7 plus. Then, The Mac Forums presents you time to walk offer with great chance to design your thoughts with the wide range comparison of iPhone 6 plus with iPhone 7 plus.

Does the Same Size of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus?

Over the world, it was seen that mostly users desire to shift now from iPhone 6 pus to iPhone 7 plus. This is happening just due to end of two-year success of iPhone 6 plus. Now time to update with new innovation of Apple company.

Let’s look at the size difference and comparison of both smart devices iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 7 plus.

Design and Outlook build of Apple iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus

Apple has been always standing upfront in the row by giving you outstanding and outclass featured smart devices. So, now this is also time of Apple. As it has released new innovation of iPhone 7b plus with great size to tempts the users with wide range features.

But if you are using iPhone 6 plus. Then you have seen that iPhone 6 plus size is almost similar to latest version smart device iPhone 7 plus. But here is one plus step of iPhone 7 plus with tiny updates in its design and outlook build.

Design with Antenna band of iPhone 7 plus vs 6 plus

That is why, Apple iPhone 7 plus has especial design and outlook opportunity for its users to get decent and new fashion over there.

So, as you know both have same design frame but users shouldn’t be disappointed. Because this is Apple brand which has never made its users disappointed.

So, in iPhone 7 plus, you can see clear design difference with iPhone 6 plus. This difference comes with the removal of antenna band from back of iPhone 7 plus. In this way, back of iPhone 7 plus has plan side with compare to ionone 6 plus.

Curved Opening Issues with Size of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus

Let’s learn more about the size of iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 7 plus. It was seen that mostly Apple users has claimed to face curve opening issues with iPhone 6 plus’s chassis. For this, Apple has upgraded iPhone 7 plus with powerful 7000 chassis aluminum to cut off these issues.

Now, we are moving at the design and size adjustment f camera placing in iPhone 7 plus and 6 plus. Apple has given your clear size back camera of iPhone 7 plus with bigger extent with dual 12MP cam shooter. This is victory and plus upgradation given by Apple company.

Headphone Port with Size of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus

Now most interesting comparison for the size of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus come with the removal of headphone packet port removing from the handset size of iPhone 7 plus. This is clear navigation to move towards new trend where world will move in future.

That is why, Apple brand smartphones are called trend setter as iPhone 7 plus smartphone has set new trend to move with wireless accessories. Ow whole world is running with wireless accessories.

Weight & Size of iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 6 plus

Weight & Size of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus

The other thing which plays a significant role is the size and attraction of any smartphone and that is weight of smartphone. Although iPhone 7 plus is new innovation but Apple has made this device heavier than iPhone 6 plus.

Therefore, Apple has given you iPhone 7 plus with updated version of new feature of certification IP67 to make this smartphone more superhot. That is why, Apple has put an outstanding opportunity in iPhone 7 plus as waterproof and water-resistant device.

Display Size of iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus

So, now you have fully waterproof device in the shape of iPhone 7 plus. This can work for 30 minutes in water. Also, Apple has made this iPhone 7 plus a dustproof and dust resistant device.

While we talk about display screen size and capacity of any smartphone. Then here iPhone 7 plus also has some upgradation from iPhone 6 plus. Therefore, iPhone 7 plus is available now with 5.5-inch display size at much brighter screen.

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