Scope of Information Technology or Informatics Engineering, Department of Informatics, Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Engineering and Computer Science are some of the most favorite majors in the IT field. But, you know, what’s the difference from the above majors?

Now, before deciding which option to enter, make sure you know the different majors in IT. Because similar terms can make you confused.

What is IT (Information Technology or Informatics Engineering)?

The department that is sometimes complex for many students is IT. What does IT mean like Information Technology or Informatics Engineering? So what’s the difference between the two? Moreover, sometimes the mentioned study programs become reversible, Information Engineering or Information Technology.

Actually both the study programs are relatively similar. Basically you can understand that it is the Computer Science study program.

Work Prospects for Informatics Engineering:

A graduate majoring in informatics engineering is expected to have the ability to develop software for various purposes, analyze systems in an organization, company or government agency and create an integrated system using software.

Some work positions that can be taken by a bachelor of informatics engineering for example as

  • Capacity Planning Supervisor,
  • Database Administrator,
  • Customer Service Supervisor,
  • Data Communication Assistant Manager,
  • Data Entry Supervisor and so on

To master Informatics Engineering, at least you should understand logic and mathematics. Informatics Engineering students will spend a lot of time with programming, and programming itself is an embodiment of algorithms (mathematics and logic). But, if you are interested in the world of technology and have an interest in developing a software program then this study program can certainly be your choice.

With its various capabilities, graduates of the informatics engineering department have job opportunities that can be briefly described as follows:

Career as a Teacher

The number of informatics engineering educators at the moment is arguably still lacking, especially for regions that are just beginning to develop. Informatics engineering graduates can become teachers in technical schools. Opportunities to become a lecturer are also still very open due to the increasing number of vocational institutions which open throughout Pakistan, but to become a lecturer in informatics engineering at some reputable university you must continue to study at the Masters level.

Career as Government employees

In the current digital era, it can be said that there are no institutions, companies or organizations that do not utilize the informatics field. Likewise, with the government, it can be said that all institutions, and government agencies need practitioners of informatics engineering.

Main Function of Informatics Engineering

The Informatics Engineering study program studies and applies the principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of software, operating systems and computer work.

This study program will be taught starting from generating creative ideas, then realizing those ideas, breaking down functions, and creating a very detailed instruction structure in the programming language to teach computers what to do. Computer Science students become experts in operating systems and applications to ensure that the basic operating system works well.

Courses of Informatics Engineering

  • Algorithms & Data Structures
  • Operating system manager
  • Informatics Logic professional
  • Algorithm Strategy planner
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Software engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence programmar
  • Internet Programming expert
  • Calculus expert
  • Basic Programming Basics
  • Computer system engineer
  • Computational Theory Expert
  • Software Development Method
  • Network System engineer
  • Data Mining handler
  • Database and Information System
  • Cryptography expert
  • Cyber ​​Ethics & Law
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Database Engineer

The rapid development of Information Technology opens career opportunities for Informatics or Computer Science graduates more broadly. The need for information technology expertise is huge, especially for those who love the world of technology, computers and programming.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS)

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the field of Informatics is one of the professions that will grow very rapidly between 2019-2024 with an average growth rate of 13%, and it is above the average professional fields in general. Informatics Engineering graduates have broad and varied job prospects, for example as software engineers & developers, analysts, consultants, network experts, system and network security and are responsible for coordinating the development, maintenance, and expansion of computer systems in an organization.

A big role in each organization an informatics engineer can have. That’s why the chances of success become high in employment for the system engineers. So, in some colleges and universities information technology is name of a degree while some name it informatics engineering.

There is a slight difference in course or syllabus.

Professions and Career opportunities for Graduates of Informatics Engineering

  1. Database Admin
  2. Computer and Information Researchers
  3. Computer Network Architect
  4. Computer Systems Architect
  5. Growth Hacker
  6. Computer and Information Systems Manager
  7. Computer Systems Analyst
  8. Technical Writer
  9. Computer Science Lecturer

So, a vast scope we see after doing the study in the above mentioned technology programs. Even outside Pakistan there is huge demand for information technology degree or informatics engineering degree.