Getting education is one thing but fulfilling the requirements for education also demands high funds. School or college Transportation is a key to education success. The needy or poor parents cannot afford it easily like managing school fee, books expenditures and especially the transportation expenses. This article at aims to warn everyone about the seriousness of fulfilling the obligation of public managers to provide school or college transportation for needy people, with the main objective of facilitating the students so that they can continue the study without any hurdle.

School or college Transportation is a key to education success

Naturally, in a country of so many social inequalities and injustices, marked by widespread corruption and the demoralization of politics, where the exploitation of the misery of our people sustains the successive opening of bank accounts in tax havens by our unruly public agents, the Constitution and the laws only prescribe that education is a right. But the rights must be given to the deserving people as well.

We all know there are rights for education but there should be check and balance system which would ensure that each poor student can get the education without suffering a lot.

That is why, correctly, as seen, the Constitution stipulates that the Government promotes equal conditions for access and permanence of needy students in school.

Problem is with the poor kids

It would even be illogical, or cruel rhetoric, to suggest that underprivileged students from communities of large cities or from remote and abandoned rural areas may get ignored when we compare with the children and adolescents living in the elite areas of Pakistan to have the transport to school. The kids from elite class have no transportation issue at all. They can come and attend classed from anywhere. But the problem is with the poor kids who have no adequate funds to meet the requirements.

When it is known that poor Pakistani children and their parents often have nothing to eat at home on a day-to-day basis, the expensive hiring of teachers by private or public colleges, in particular, is known to be impractical.

Contrary to what some think, public school transportation provided to underprivileged students is not an alternative political advertising agenda for mayors, governors, councilors or deputies, eager for reelection. It is a constitutional duty, an obligation of all public agents involved in the education of children and adolescents. They should spend a specific amount for this cause.

Standards of living in any society

Because education sector is a main factor that can lift up the standards of living in any society. We should not forget that controlling population is not the only solution to increase the GDP or resources. We need to utilize the people who have talents. It is proven in all over the worlds, our scientists and scholars gave many huge discoveries.

We should note the education system is divided in many forms if we talk about Pakistan. The children who must be sent to school or colleges are out of schools. Either they are engaged in some manual labor or the parents have no resources or proper knowledge to get their admissions there.

Affect on the attendance system

Some parents send their kids to schools but they remain unaware of the fact that which subjects would be better for them. The attendance system does not present a clear picture that how many kids are taking education regularly? The quality of teaching will also affect on the attendance system. If the system is not productive then students will not take much interest.

So, these issues exist and if we keep on talking several other issues would be seen but the problem is transportation system for the poor kids should be treated seriously. The reason is if the students come and join classes then there will be clear results of the educational planning.