Welcome to the world’s hottest topic Samsung s7 iPhone 7. There has been the biggest rival’s fight between iPhone vs Samsung. iPhone 7 & Samsung s7 are the best deal offer with smart devices of 2016 release.

Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

In The Mac Forums, you will be informed clearly about it which is better for you. Here, you have amazing comparison to make your doubts clear and stands you in the row with satisfaction. Let’s move ahead;

Style & Stance of Galaxy s7 and iPhone 7

When you have concerns related to style and fashion stance of smartphones s7 vs iPhone 7. Then you have to look at both models for Samsung s7 iPhone 7. Samsung has given you super class and highly attractive device galaxy s7 with 152g of its weight.

Also, Samsung galaxy s7 has beautiful frontside and backside covered with glass body frame. That is why, this smart device has attractive body frame and build-in beauty. So, that is why, galaxy s7 available in five different colors like white, Gold, Silver, black and Pink Gold.

While, Apple brand is also committed to give you classic features and supreme standard smart device iPhone 7. So, Apple has fulfilled its promise by giving you this device but same like iPhone 6s smartphone.

Therefore, iPhone 7 smartphone is now running with slim body frame 7.1mm and antenna band is removed from backside of iPhone 7. That is why, iPhone 7 handset is designated as most beautiful handset in that era.

Next and most important feature in iPhone 7 is its amazing design for waterproof and water-resistant body challenging other brands moving in market.

Display size & Resolution of Samsung s7 iPhone 7

This is truly Samsung brightness is awesome with display portion.  That is why, S7 has amazing features with brighter super-hot 5.1-inch display size and AMOLED screen for Display size & Resolution of Samsung s7 iPhone 7.

This is android operating system with 1440.2560px resolution of galaxy s7. So, this is much worthy smart device with 72.1% solid body with screen to body ratio. That is why, its screen protection is highly securable with Gorilla glass-4 coating. This glass makes this smartphone protected for any damage.

Display size & Resolution of Samsung s7 iPhone 7

In contrast of these features with Samsung galaxy s7, you have very blazing smartphone device in Display size & Resolution of Samsung s7 iPhone 7 which is famous for its most loving feature screen on brighter quality.

Samsung claims to make this device stay brighter with time, date, and notification on lock screen with the usage of just only 1% battery health. Due to this property, Samsung has won the race from iPhone 7.

Therefore, now talk about Apple brand smart device iPhone who has knocked out all challengers over the world with iPhone 7. This is just to the upgradation of a brand new and highly solid retina display feature with this device.

So, you are presented this smart device iPhone 7 with 4.7-inch display size and resolution of display screen is about 1334.750px. Although, this is sound losing status by iPhone 7 from Samsung brand s7.

Brightness with display resolution quality

But Apple has given you updated version of brightness with display resolution quality as compare to Samsung galaxy s7 smart device. In contrast to these features, Apple also gives you an additional feature with iPhone 7 smart device and that is its 3D touch quality display screen.

In this feature, you are allowed to get access you content with pressure sensitive layers by holding down the display. This action is opposite to the holding screen for long time period over there.

Audio efficiency and device performance of Samsung s7 vs iPhone 7

At that time, Samsung has decided to stand up in the row by giving you luxury smartphone with classic and decent hardware. Then after keen efforts, Samsung has released its brand-new smartphone with luxury and sold hardware with you in the form of Samsung Galaxy S7 smart device.

Therefore, this Samsung s7 smart device is presented you with latest technology Android Exynos operating system with dual core processers for the comparison of Audio efficiency and device performance of Samsung s7 iPhone 7.

And this system is considered the best range operating system over the world just due to its features and provisions.

Audio efficiency and device performance of Samsung s7 vs iPhone 7

RAM & Storage of Samsung s7 and Apple 7

However, Samsung brand s7 smart device is available now with 4GB RAM and in two variants including 32GB, 64GB and additional feature for the provision of microSD card slot with upto 256GB support quality for Audio efficiency and device performance of Samsung s7 vs iPhone 7.

As we are talking about the quick and fast system with speedy performance smart deice in Audio efficiency and device performance of Samsung s7 iPhone 7, then Apple brand never be neglected in this race.

Now you are presented with iPhone 7 smart device which is running most efficiently with latest version chipset A10 fusion quality and quad-core processing units boosted up for 40% speedy performance.

The most important thing in Audio efficiency and device performance of Samsung s7 vs iPhone 7 here is the upgradation of chipset version after the successful story of iPhone 6s with A9 chipset to A10 chipset with 2GB RAM. In this way, this smart device is 240 times more quick than previous smart model.

Software updates of Galaxy s7 and Apple 7 iOS 10

This section is headed on most magnificent deal with software updates which has latest technology and modern feature programs operating system. Then you are presented two smart devices iPhone 7 and Samsung galaxy s7.

In this regard, Samsung s7 has 6.0.1 android Marshmallow operating system with google software. Thus, this smart device has updated version and then Samsung introduced Android Nougat 7.0 software version.

Therefore, in Software updates of Galaxy s7 and Apple 7 iOS 10 smart handset has latest version software iOS 10 with iPhone 10 and designated to update for next version software.