You have seen a battle over the ground between smartphones like Samsung s6 vs Note 4.  Sometimes, this battle happened between different smartphone manufacturer companies. And sometimes, it occurs among different models of same company.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In The Mac Forums, you are going to understand which smartphone is better in battle race of s6 vs note 4 of galaxy Samsung company. So today, these two smartphones are under the affectionate of our discussion with flow.

So, in this lecture, we will elaborate the great deals and better features with improved quality smartphones galaxy s6 and note 4. Let’s move ahead.

Style and fashion compare Samsung s6 vs note 4

This section belongs to the stance greatness of model smartphones of galaxy Samsung company over there. Put a sight at galaxy s6, it has beautiful stance and design with this device.

That is why, Samsung galaxy s6 model smart device is too good, best manufacturer and impressive build style with most desiring look handset.

In this regard, you have this super model smart device Samsung s6 with most amazing feature put galaxy note 4 behind its success.

Weight & Dimensions of S6 vs Note 4

  • Samsung galaxy s6 has 138g weight with 70.5x4x6.8mm dimensions.
  • Samsung galaxy Note 4 has 176g weight with 78.6x5x153.5mm dimensions.

But wait, here you are presented one thing more interesting which makes you feel that which is best. Thus, note 4 is made of less slippery plastic stuff back while s6 doesn’t have.

Consequently, you have more durability with Samsung galaxy note 4 for giving you removeable and upgradable storage. These are the things which is forgotten by galaxy s6 just because of giving you a beautiful stance and outlook factor.

Display screen and size of Galaxy Note 4 vs S6

This section is resulted by the speculations and inspiration of Samsung users. A great section is waiting for you with respect to display size and glance screen quality of Samsung s6 vs note 4.

Display screen and size of Galaxy Note 4 vs S6

This is not hidden thing as world recognizes Note series the biggest with regards to display size and screen quality. At start, if you look at the resolution and quality of display home screen, then both model Samsung galaxy s6 vs note 4 have 2560.1440px resolution quality with display.

Therefore, here is one key feature upon which Samsung galaxy note 4 is one step ahead from Samsung galaxy s6 and that is why brightness and more vibrant quality with wide range angles and depth resolution features.

Software program comparison with Samsung galaxy note 4 vs s6

The good news for Samsung lovers and users is here with software program updates and improved functionality with upgradation. In this battle, you are presented with most advanced and high stance features galaxy s6 vs note 4.

This is obvious with hard feature bloating over the surface but when you look insight with serious point, the you will find this smart device runs with productivity and useful resulting software programs.

And targeting on focus optimization with the help of S Pen. This is most advance and stylish feature with S Pen to perform great work and better functionality.

Speed of action compare Galaxy s6 and Note 4

This section is more fascinating with respect to the deep comparison among Samsung galaxy s6 vs note 4. Because this is real time achievement with Samsung galaxy s6 by giving you latest model and modern version chipset technology.

In this way, Samsung s6 has better performance and fast speed of action than Samsung note 4. So, s6 runs with Android Exynos 7420 with Snapdragon Qualcomm processor 805. That is why, Samsung users who own galaxy s6 will not experience the slow down device for action or performance.

But this is also seen that both smart models Samsung galaxy s6 and note 4 are quite faster and quick in performance and speed of action with this section.

Cam shooter of galaxy s6 vs Samsung note 4

This is well-known thing related to Samsung note 4 that this has proven the fastest smartphone over the world. But later on, Apple had introduced iPhone 6 and 6 plus with faster speed.

Then smartphone users used to compare this smart device Samsung note 4 with iPhone 6 and 6 plus. But over the hand, this is much faster device with unique features and strong camera system.

So, on precise note, it was seen that camera programs and setup with Samsung s6 smartphone has better image quality and image processing which cam shooter as it has 16MP rear cam with F/1.9 aperture optical sensors.