For the reality of Samsung S6 vs Note 3. Great efforts are done to bring you impressive contrast between the galaxy S6 and Note 3. Although Samsung has been doing best role model in the world with its fantastic smartphones over the years.

As Samsung has come with the new release of high-class smartphones Galaxy Note 4 and time after, Samsung S6 with edge transformation.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

But rumors and reports have resulted from the previous model Note 3 running with such an amazing speed and feedback. And this is only the Galaxy Note 3, which is an example of perfection and a soft device popular features. Although this is an older device. This is only one device that is doing the challenge with other brand model S6.

Let’s start with a wide range of comparisons of Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Note 3 at The Macforum. In this article, we are going to discuss how both are being competed with each other.

Screen Size evolution for Samsung S6 vs Note 3

Over the space, design is the key sign for any success story. So a great chance is to present you with the impressive display capability of the Samsung S6 which will put your forward by getting the Samsung Note 3 with the 5.7-inch HD screen.

Although, the full HD resolution of the Galaxy Note 3 is running fabulous in the market as it is an older model not perfectly granted you the best display resolution as the newest model Galaxy Note 4 is presented to you in the market.

Quad HD display

Here is one thing headed on the rumors reports with the expected size of identical copies of Samsung S6 directed to Galaxy Note 3. And you are pleased to know that rumors expectation goes into reality very close to the size of Samsung Note 3 identical display of Galaxy S6.

Consequently, the Quad HD display in Galaxy Note 3 is one step higher than Galaxy S6. This is a prominent jump by Samsung pointed S6 model by quad HD display resolution benchmark the status of the smartphone in the market.

That is why, after it, rumors considerably have credible status to suggest for coming soon model Galaxy Note 4. Now moving ahead with the HD display resolution of the Galaxy S6 with a 5.5-inch screen size presents your bigger screen.

Specifications with Comparison for S6 vs Note 3

Going for best specification over both model Galaxy S6 vs Note 3, we have got some clear comparison difference among both of them. Therefore, we have noticed that if you are looking for the best and most powerful Samsung model of the era, then you will be surprised to see the strength of the Galaxy Note 3 is higher than others.

Although, you know that the Note 3 model of the Samsung galaxy series is a much working machine it has become an older model with time. But this does not matter because this machine is doing a fantastic job and has maintained its status in the market.

Upgraded processors for S6 vs Note 3

When we went deep in search of the greatness of the galaxy models. We have got one thing. Before coming into the market, rumors are expected for Samsung S6 with a Snapdragon Qualcomm processor of 810. Which has proved the one-step jump from Galaxy Note 3 with 800 snapdragon process over that Qualcomm.

Thus, the suggestion goes right with the arrival of the 810 snapdragon processor for Galaxy S6 with the optimized and best graphics supported by the improved battery health condition and durability.

Cam shooter for Galaxy Note 3 vs S6

A camera shooter is a major part of every smart gadget tool device. That is why, here we have noticed that from the time, Samsung company was confused to give 16MP or 20MP in the next model. And rumors are expecting to have 20MP.

But Samsung has done with both 16MP and 20Mp thrown in Galaxy S6 model with weighing sensors to appear in front of you very delight machine.

Galaxy Storage Capacity

The galaxy series of Samsung company has become a very promising factory at that time when it was trying to decide to shift into a 32GB storage capacity into a Samsung S6 model smartphone.  While on the other hand, Samsung has already put 32GB capacity in the Note 3 model galaxy series smart machine.

But at one jump, Galaxy series S6 has wider prominence than Note 3 by giving Micro SD card port and various other storing choices used by the user of Galaxy S6. This option has become very worthy for the users of the Samsung S6 model smart device over the world.

Operating version OS for S6 and Note 3

The best choice smart tool device of Samsung brand company presents you the various option at the same time but you have also the option to upgrade your device to the latest version operating system.

As everyone is familiar that Samsung continues for 2 years with the same operating system and then gives you the option to shift to the latest operating system by getting an up-gradation on your device.

That is why this doesn’t matter that Samsung Note 3 is an older model smartphone with an older version operating system 4.4 KitKat. But you have the option to shift your device to the latest lollipop 5.0 version operating system.

But here galaxy series S6 is one step ahead of that it is already running on the latest 5.0 lollipop operating shift.

Final Point

As we have shared a wider comparison of Galaxy S6 vs Note 3 with you. But here is one thing about the price that we have to share with you. This is expected that Samsung S6 will be much more expensive than Note 3.

But all the time note series with high-class status is much more expensive than any other machine of the Samsung series.