Rio Police Raid Kills at Least 18 in Alemao Favelas, in one of the worst raids the city has recently seen. A police operation targeting gang members in Rio de Janeiro’s largest complex of favelas, or low-income neighborhoods, left at least 18 people dead on Thursday. This has led to increased disapproval of police harshness.

Authorities in Rio reported that 16 suspected criminals, a police officer, and a woman were killed in clashes with the police in Complex do Alemao. According to a police spokesman, the raid was directed against a criminal gang that broke into neighboring areas, looted banks, and stole cars.

Videos of violent gun battles between criminals and a police helicopter hovering over the modest brick homes were spreading on social media. Even in highly populated residential neighborhoods, Rio’s police have utilized helicopters to fire at targets, and video showed rounds being fired at the chopper from the favela.

Reporters from the Associated Press observed locals slow roughly 10 dead at the scene of the raid while onlookers yelled, “We want peace!” According to locals, anyone trying to aid the injured ran the possibility of being arrested.

One woman who spoke to the AP under the condition of secrecy out of fear of retaliation from the authorities said, “It’s a bloodbath inside, which police are calling an operation.” She said, “They’re not allowing us help (victims),” citing one man who was detained for allegedly attempting to flee.

According to a spokesman for Rio’s police department, some offenders were dressed in uniforms to pass for police officers.

Rio Police Raid Kills at Least 18 in Alemao Favelas

We could have arrested 15, or 14 of the guys if they (the suspects) had not reacted, in my opinion. However, regrettably, they decided to open fire on our police officers,” said Ronaldo Oliveira, a Rio police investigator.

Rio Police Raid Kills at Least 18 in Alemao Favelas, Claudio Castro, the governor of Rio state, expressed his sorrow over the policeman’s passing on Twitter.

“I’ll keep up the fight against crime with everything I’ve got. The mission of ensuring peace and security for the residents of our state is one that we will not abandon, according to Castro.

But many reject the government’s approach to combating crime and violence. Which frequently involves lethal police operations. More than 20 individuals were killed in a raid in the Vila Cruzeiro favela in Rio in May.

Police stated in an early statement that the goal of the operation on Thursday was to identify and catch criminal leaders, some of whom were from other states.

“Enough, governor, with this genocidal policy!” In response to the governor’s tweet, Rio de Janeiro representative Talaria Petrone made a statement. Residents and police are stranded on the ground in large numbers due to this failing public security strategy. The number of Black corpses and favela dwellers cannot continue to rise daily!

Police Raid Kills at Least 18

Rio Police Raid Kills at Least 18 in Alemao Favelas. Alemao is a collection of 13 favelas in northern Rio with a population of roughly 70,000. According to a July 2020 research released by the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses, over three-quarters of them are Afro-Brazilians.

To decrease police killings and human rights abuses. Brazil’s Supreme Court issued several requirements earlier this year that police must follow when conducting raids in Rio’s favelas. Lethal force may only be employed after all other options have failed and when it is necessary to defend human life, according to a court judgment.

The decision was made in response to a 2021 raid on the Jacarezinho favela, which left 28 people dead. An officer died during that operation, as it did on Thursday, leading some to assume at the time that this was the reason for future mistreatment and summary killings.

The operation on Thursday started before dawn and ended at 4 p.m. local time, according to the police. According to the police statement, about 400 police officers including members of Rio’s tactical police unit were involved, supported by 10 armored cars and four helicopters.

Residents are seen pleading for peace and waving white cloths from their windows and rooftops in a video posted by Voz da Communicate. A local news source specializing in Rio’s favelas.

Rio Police Raid Kills at Least 18 in Alemao Favelas, according to Fabric Oliveira, one of the police raid planners, there may be further violence on Friday at the Complexo do Alemao. After raids like these, “our experience has shown us that cops are targeted in every way,” Oliveira added.

He told Reuters that because the police “don’t seek to arrest them, they aim to kill them”. They believe that even if they are hurt, they don’t need assistance. As police track down drug trafficking gangs, deadly raids are regular in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.

Rio Police Raid Kills at Least 18 in Alemao Favelas

However, human rights organizations in Brazil are harshly critical of police operations in tightly populated, low-income neighborhoods. Claiming that they endanger the lives of locals without actually weakening the influence of the gangs.

22 individuals were killed in the Vila Cruzeiro favela in May, along with a female witness. A gunfight in the city’s Jacarezinho neighborhood last year claimed the lives of at least 25 individuals, one of whom was a police officer.

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