The Real Reason Gas Prices Going Up, is because this is a polarized country. Every issue must have a political origin. And if you’re the president of the United States when petrol prices hit $4 per gallon, you’ll have to justify yourself. However, despite criticism, President Biden is not too responsible for the present increase in petrol prices.

True, Biden is not a supporter of the US oil and gas business. His strategy to shift away from fossil fuels and toward renewables will demote oil and gas, reducing earnings over time. However, Biden’s energy and climate proposals are still in the works, and economic reasons, not political ones, are producing tight oil supplies and driving up prices.

High Oil and Gas Prices: The Real Reasons

The second step is to understand why renewable energy is the only long-term answer to rising fuel prices. Themacforums explore following Russia’s terrible attack on Ukraine, gas prices in the United States have increased rapidly, averaging $4.25 per gallon. Now, fossil fuel businesses and their political allies are seizing the opportunity to claim that more fossil fuel investment is the answer.

High Oil and Gas Prices: The Real Reasons

Their arguments are damaged with inaccuracies. Of course, this is calculated to line the wallets of the fossil fuel business and lock future generations into fossil fuel dependency. As a result, the clean energy future required for true energy independence would be further delayed. The Real Reason Gas Prices Going Up day by day.

Why are oil prices on the rise?

India’s reliance on imports – For almost a year, India’s edible oil costs have been climbing. They are up 70% from the same time last year. It started with the coronavirus, which interrupted supply chains, and now it’s the Ukraine war. Prices have risen by 20-30% in just one month.

Why do gas prices fluctuate so much?

When the available supply of gasoline falls short of real or expected demand or consumption, gasoline prices tend to rise. If crude oil supply, plant operations, or gasoline pipeline deliveries are disrupted, gasoline prices can vary quickly.

Why are gas prices in the United States so high in 2022?

The cost of gasoline has risen radically this year as a result of high inflation, Russian sanctions, and some blatant profiteering by large oil companies. In recent months, the price of gasoline has been a major source of anxiety, as several factors have conspired to drive up fuel prices in the United States.