Themacforums – Rakhi Sawant Plans to Perform Umrah with Husband Adil Farooqi. Rakhi Sawant, an Indian actor, and her husband’s union have been a complete disaster. The previous two weeks have been a blur for the Main Hoon Na star, from her social media announcement to her supposed spouse Adil Farooqi’s rejection on live television to his belated acceptance of the couple’s public wedding.

Following Adil’s confirmation that they were married last month, the pair is preparing to embark on their first journey together — and no, it won’t be a honeymoon. The dup will plan a trip after performing Umrah together, according to Rakhi.

The actor stated that Umrah is a crucial step for her and Adil and that they want to begin their journey together by requesting Allah’s blessings in a new video by Instant Bollywood. When the couple was questioned about their post-wedding plans for a honeymoon, the entire conversation began.

The Internet sensation responded to the same by saying, “Pehle Umrah Jayenge. Wahan ek baar rishta pakka hogaya toh koi nahi tod sakta, woh bahaut zaroori hai. Insan nai tod sakta Jo rishte Allah jodte hain.” (We’ll start by performing Umrah. That’s crucial because once the connection is made there, nobody can sever it. Nobody can sever the bonds that Allah has forged between people.

Rakhi Sawant Plans to Perform Umrah with Husband Adil Farooqi

A timid Adil chuckled for a moment before uttering, “Jayenge. Abhi”, there are a lot of things going on. There are certain events occurring, and following those, we shall proceed.

According to a report published last week by all news channels, many people conjectured that Rakhi had converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima after learning the specifics of the certificate went viral. The actor posted information about it on her Instagram stories.

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