Nowadays, you are able to print from iPhone to kodak printer. This can be done directly by using wireless connection or by docking your Apple phone with printer photo Dock PD-480.

This is the device that can use be used to charge your Apple phone also.

Print Photos from your iPhone directly to your Kodak

The Mac Forums explains you about Kodak selling an android operating version with micro-USB connection for brighten adapter. It was seen the printer to make sure the method with better and simple way.

Once you have done this. Then your photo to be printed out on paper with yellow paper sheet cover the removal identical for how it is possible to hurry stance printing with cam operational app in these days.

How do I connect my iPhone to Kodak printer device?

When you have established connection among iPhone and Kodak printer, then you printer paper does in or out with Dock for many times. This process is carried out with different colors like Cyan, Yellow, or Magenta etc.

And it is functional on your need with going out space beyond the described machine.

Then you printed paper from kodak printer comes out with ejection of perforated edges and finishes with the corner-to-corner photo printer. That is why, this process is carried out with quick speed and in a very simple way.

Kodak Document printer iPhone

In mostly cases, you can find Dock printer physically presence in connection with iPhone. But you can use this printer if you desire to make connection wirelessly and perform your job.

Kodak Document printer iPhone

A free console application is added to get filter, stickers or templates with collage features upon your need. Therefore, you need paper and cartridges expenses with $0.39 to $0.50 and depends upon your need with single time goes for 40 to 120.

Pros and cons of print from iPhone to kodak printer

If you need to get printer to use easy and simple way with wireless connection or dock connection. Then you have to know its pros and cons. With bullet points.

Pros. of PD-480 Kodak printer

  • This is most convenient and fast printer with iPhone.
  • You are allowed to avail microUSB and Android port with choices.
  • You can charge your iPhone with Kodak printer PD-480.
  • This printer is supported by Wi-Fi console.
  • You can add required filter, templates, collages, and stickers with features.

Cons. of PD-480 Kodak printer

If you need to make connection of device wirelessly with Kodak printer. But here is one cons for this printer. You can just only make connection with iPhone for wirelessly. But if you want to use iPad with printer, then you have to use this printer physically.