ORUM ACH AI 21m Series Bain

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ORUM ACH AI 21m Series Bain

“ORUM ACH AI 21m Series Bain” Orum, a 40-person business based in New York, promises to reduce money transfer delays to 24 hours. Bain Capital sponsored a $21 million “Series A” round of finance. Inspired Capital, Homebrew, Acrew, Primary, Clock tower, Box Group, Amex Ventures, and SVB Capital were among the venture capital firms that were funded.

After seven years at Learn Vest, the financial planning fintech startup created by Alexa von Tobel and acquired by Northwestern Mutual in 2015 for $375 million, Stephany Kirkpatrick founded Orum in 2019. Kirkpatrick, a licensed financial planner, accomplished everything from helping build Learn Vest’s financial planning software to opening the company’s first call center in Arizona. Kirkpatrick’s name is on the company’s patents.

In Bain Orum has received $21 million in Series A funding

ORUM ACH AI 21m Series Bain Orum, a financial infrastructure platform based in New York City. It has raised $21 million in Series A funding. With participation from prior investors Inspired Capital, Homebrew, Acrew, Primary, Clocktower, and Box Group, as well as new investors SVB Capital and American Express Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures led the round.

Orum has received $21 million in Series A funding

Michael Vaughan (former COO at Venmo), Bobby Mehta (former CEO TransUnion), Omri Dahan (former Chief Revenue Officer, Marqeta), Justin Overdorff (former Stripe, Investments & Acquisitions), Marc Bhargava (Strategy, Coinbase), Charley Ma (GM Fintech, Alloy), and Roli Saxena are among Orum’s network of advisors and angel investors (former Chief Customer Officer, Brex).

The funds will be used to grow the company’s partnership teams and to speed up the hiring of knowledge in data engineering, machine learning, and data science. Orum delivers embeddable financial-infrastructure technologies that bring smart, real-time, and completely automated money movement to businesses across verticals, led by Stephany Kirkpatrick, Founder, and CEO.


Movement is an API-base solution that allows money to be moved over many rails while optimizing for speed, cost, and risk. Expands on the company’s first product, Foresight. Which employs branded intelligence to identify ACH return risk before it happens.

Orum raises $21 million to reduce bank payment times from five to one day

Themacforums.com explores this Orum (ORUM ACH AI 21m Series Bain) Company. Orum raises $21 million to reduce bank payment times from five to one day. I write about fintech, cryptocurrency, and investing. Stephany Kirkpatrick, the founder, and CEO of Orum founded the fintech startup two years ago.

Orum launched its first customer in September 2020 and is now processing tens of millions of dollars in monthly transactions. Its customers pay a monthly fee ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 for the service.

Orum raises $21 million to reduce bank payment times from five to one day

The New York firm is still in its early stages and confronts several problems. Kirkpatrick believes that technical mixings with financial organizations are difficult. Must be done “through a series of sprints” with Orum’s IT staff. Orum has a 50-person waiting list.

Orum’s 15 clients – ORUM ACH AI 21m Series Bain

ORUM ACH AI 21m Series Bain – Orum’s 15 clients, include SoFi, a digital bank, and First Horizon. A 157-year-old bank based in Memphis has sped up 85 percent of their deposit transfers to one day. Compared to three to four days in the past. In addition, the number of cases of “NSF”, or insufficient money, has decreased by 40%.

When a customer wants to move money. But there isn’t enough money in the account by the time the transaction is about to be completed—like a bounced check—an NSF occurs. NSFs are inconvenient for everyone, resulting in a $35 fine for the consumer. A $5 fee for the financial institution, and, if they happen frequently enough. Nacho cutting off a bank or fintech’s access to the ACH network.

Orum's 15 clients

“Momentum,” Orum’s second product, works like a command center, directing. Which payment rails a transaction should go on based on the financial institution’s speed and cost choices. Momentum logically routes a consumer’s transfer. Whether it’s through ACH, a credit card network, banks’ new Real-Time Payments Network, or, eventually, a blockchain-based settlement system.

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