From an era, Apple brand company is running with fabulous game through its impressive products. When you look at latest model Apple smartphone iPhone 6 plus then you will see how it looks like upgraded version in this most demanded article in this world with The Macforum.

Latest model Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

However, if there is any company over the world that can compete with Apple brand products and that is Samsung brand company with its magnificent products. As now Samsung company has launched its latest model article Galaxy Note 4. Here this is not enough for the line of latest version Galaxy Samsung Note 4 handset but also it is modern model demanded size cellphones & more reasonable article.

Let’s have interesting contrast and matching of Apple iPhone 6 plus with Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Design Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

  1. Now we are going with best reviewed cellphones with real time comparison. We pick latest model Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus. Let’s move ahead. When we look at Apple iPhone 6 Plus. It is most beautiful slim smartphone with metal body and pretty rounded boundaries. That is why, we can say that this is latest model Apple smartphone 6 plus with beautiful & stylish premium look.
  2. When we put our sight at Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This trendy model is most amazing handset with high end metal fame and plastic back. Which is adopting leather look without any foolish texture about it. Consequently, this branded company Samsung article Note 4 is not as quiet feeling as Apple smartphone 6 plus for its design and premium stylish look.Design Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

Screen display Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

At this time, we are one step forward with size display of Samsung Note 4 and iPhone 6 plus.

  1. Look at Apple iPhone 6 plus. It has 5.5 inch display screen with 1080.1920 IPS. You have crisp visualization with your smartphone Apple iPhone 6 plus. So this quality might be sounds good but on the other hand when you look at Samsung Galaxy Not 4. Thus, it has huge advantage with sharp and bright screen display of 5.7 inch 1440.2560 AMOLED Display screen. this makes it more preferable for you.
  2. However, if you consider extra size smartphone. Then it makes this most interesting but it goes quite harder. So that is why, a great illusion has come across there with Samsung pen designated to handle latest device Note 4 Galaxy smartphone. This Samsung Note 4 has keen interaction mode with touch screen sensitivity and handling of smartphone with Samsung Pen like writing or drawing or do anything.

Power Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

This directory is most simple to understand the true comparison of Apple brand iPhone 6 plus with Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  1. Apple cellphone 6 plus has become a super-hot and most powerful smartphone nowadays. This iPhone handset has strong A9 processor with its design to create high performance and speed. This is important note about this high performance and upgraded smartphone introduction within last few years over the discovered history.
  2. When we put a sight at other competitive brand smartphone company Samsung Note 4. It is already introduced latest version and super power model. This is simple but fully rival article to challenge other smartphone Apple company. Therefore, Samsung note 4 has snapdragon quad core with 805-processor and 3GB RAM.

Camera packing Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

  1. The bunch of machine squeeze off with image processing cameras are the brighter mode packed with 12MP image clicking camera with rare position. Yes, we are talking about Apple iPhone 6 plus. This brand article has introduced latest invention and modern style mechanism to tackle shaky pose while getting image click on your handset. It has 5MP front cam with best snapper.Camera packing Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

Here at The Macforum, we will tell you the impressive potential image processing camera on iPhone 6 Plus and this already looks be an upgraded version.

  1. The play cam Samsung Galaxy Note 4 meanwhile carries 16MP rare cam for snapping process. This is also machine for stabilizing image clicking over there with shaky hands. Now Galaxy Note 4 has its most interesting feature camera with its 3.7MP front snapper. The front snapper works brilliantly while smartphone is running at low brightness or brighter scenes.

Operating system Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

  1. This is most important and significant factor in any machine related to operating system which is basement of any running system. Apple articles have its own operating system with most delicious IOS 9 within iPhone 6 plus. While we talk about Samsung smart devices.

These are running with latest android version KitKat operating system which can be up to date with its most credible opportunity to move on next level Android Lollipop operating system which is most modern and demanded version operating android system.

  1. Here is most interesting and incredible feature which makes differ iPhone 6 plus from Note 4. When operating system comes with phone to operate any application to run with it. Then it goes differently with any new model. But IOS operating system is most interesting features that is debatably similar, foremost, and customization operating system which makes it quite differ from android KitKat operating system.

Battery power Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

Here is 2nd most interesting feature battery potential and health life condition which is the key of any standard smart devices,

  1. When we pick Samsung Note 4 article for assessment and comparison process. Then you have pleased to note down that this Galaxy article has 3220mAH packing within smartphone. And even you can remove your battery box from your smartphone to unlock its back.Battery power Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

Now battery health life goes for one day moderately depends upon sensible usage of cellphone Note 4. And with 20-30% battery charging, you can go for rest there without any stress to save your battery from problem.

  1. But Apple handset articles are quite different from Android Galaxy smartphones. Apple brand didn’t reveal yet about the size of battery in their articles. When we talk about its battery health condition and survival time period then here is hopeful situation to spend minimum whole day with single charged battery.

Price Rates Comparison of Note 4 vs iPhone 6s plus

This is most decision making part to buy any cellphone. World is moving with new inventions and latest discoveries with smart tool devices for mankind. Everyone wants latest technology and operating system with reasonable rates over there. Galaxy Note 4 has launched with 540 dollars while Apple iPhone 6 plus has 749 dollars.


Here in this session you have noticed that in spite of smartphone Galaxy Note 4, it is still most famous and popular article of Samsung company with surprisingly big and superlative battery and the impressive results of image processing camera with affordable and super-hot battery timing make it stand to upfront in the row. But Apple iPhone 6 plus branded standard are also more amazing to click on iPhone 6 plus.