Mind blowing comparison of Note 3 vs iPhone 5s is here with crystal features and specifications of both smart devices. Most people are confused while buying any new smartphone. That is why we are here to compare two smart devices with end-to-end direction and upgradation of both.

Usually, you have noticed that most of smartphones have over lapping of identical designs and performance with design and style over there. But The Mac Forum is here to tell your clear components difference and comparison along with the features of galaxy Note 3 vs iPhone 5s.

Thus, iPhone 5s and Samsung note 3 is out now here n market with their magnificent features and quality. Let’s have a look at blast comparison of both models;

Phone size

While you look at both models, you will see that both are totally opposite in size comparison. Because Samsung Galaxy note 3 has larger in size about 22% heighted, 39% broader, and 9% thickset then Apple iPhone 5s.

Consequently, there is big difference among Note 3 vs iPhone 5s. because galaxy note 3 has lashed out with thicker handset and larger in size for the replacement of tablets over the world. that is why, this is trendy innovation for the world.

Phone weight

Here also, Samsung galaxy note 3 has one step ahead from iPhone 5s in case of weight comparison. Because this galaxy series of Note 3 is 50% heavy than iPhone 5s with extra bonus.

This heavy weight of Samsung Note 3 has one plus point. As you want to carry that smartphone which people could notice while putting in your pocket. While, iPhone 5s has lower weight and that is why, you even couldn’t feel anything you carrying with your pocket.

Display & Color

Here, while we have made comparison among Note 3 vs iPhone 5s. then you will be surprised to know that both smartphones are presented you with 3 colors but in different variants.

Apple gives you also three colors as space gray color front with black back, gold and silver backs are available with while front faces.  While, on the hand, Samsung gives you three different colors with same front and back sides.

Now move towards display comparison between iPhone 5c and Samsung note 3. We have noticed that mostly people are confused to carry heavy weight smartphones with them.

But here, for you Samsung presents you extra-large in size of display other than any smartphones over the market.

Sensor for Fingerprints

Now you are presented with biggest point comparison for both model iPhone 5s and note 3 with Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This sensor is situated under the home button of both models. You can use tis sensor to unlock your smartphone.

That is why, this portion is most sensitive and important in comparison. And here iPhone 5s is stood one step ahead from galaxy note 3. Thus, Apple has more powerful Touch ID sensor for fingerprint.

Cam Shooting

If you think that larger the megapixels are necessary for you to turn your photos more improved and clear. Then I think this is right. Because upgradation in camera is linked with its quality to capture images more smoothly.

And also different modes using in camera tell you about the status of camera quality of any smartphone. In this case, Apple iPhone 5s presents you more crystal quality and different mode of taking photos in sharpest and clearest way with 12MP rear cam than 13MP rear cam of galaxy note 3.