Themacforums – Musk Released Twitter Emails Hunter Biden Story Show How Employees Debated How to Handle 2020 New York Post Hunter Biden Story. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, had been teasing a huge bombshell revelation based on internal company documents for days, saying it would expose “what really happened” when Twitter decided to briefly block a 2020 New York Post story on Hunter Biden and his laptop.

However, Musk’s major disclosure on Friday instead referred to a series of tweets by the journalist Matt Taibbi who had been given access to emails that mainly confirmed what was already known about the incident.

Taibbi’s winding tweet thread, which received hundreds of retweets, confirmed how Twitter staffers struggled with concerns that the Post piece may have been the result of a Russian hacking operation in the early hours after it went public.

Weeks before the 2020 election, when Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s father, ran against then-President Donald Trump, it showed members of Twitter’s legal, policy, and communications teams debating – and occasionally disagreeing – whether to restrict the article under the company’s hacked materials policy.

According to screenshots of internal communications shared by Taibbi, some within the company questioned the reasoning behind the choice and cautioned that Twitter would be inviting accusations of anti-conservative bias, while others, including senior officials, said the circumstances surrounding the Post story were unclear and advised caution.

(Jack Dorsey, the then-CEO, who Taibbi said was not engaged in the decision, has admitted to US senators that concealing the news was a mistake in retrospect.)

The emails Taibbi was able to collect are in line with what Yoel Roth, the former head of site integrity for Twitter, told writer Kara Swisher in an on-stage interview earlier this week.

In that interview, Roth expressed his opinion, which was shared at the time by other former US intelligence officials, that the Post’s article had the characteristics of a Russian hack-and-leak operation. THEMACFORUMS contacted Roth for comment, but he did not answer.

The Taibbi articles refute a key assertion made by Musk and Republicans, who claimed that the FBI had used social media platforms to bury the Hunter Biden laptop claims.

Musk Released Twitter Emails Hunter Biden Story Show How Employees Debated How to Handle 2020

In response to the Taibbi tweets, Musk claimed on Twitter on Friday night that Twitter had acted “on orders from the government.”

There is “no evidence, that I have seen, of any government participation in the laptop tale,” Taibbi claimed in his string of tweets.

Similar statements have been made in recent weeks by lawyers for Facebook’s parent company Meta, refuting Republican assertions that the FBI forced Facebook to suppress the laptop story.

In addition to aligning with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s public account of Facebook’s handling of the New York Post story, Taibbi claimed that the material he examined referred to general FBI warnings about potential attempted Russian interference in the elections. He also claimed that Twitter was on high alert for such potential foreign meddling.

Following the article’s suppression, according to Taibbi, one Democratic congressman, California Rep. Ro Khanna, wrote to Twitter’s chief legal officer to suggest that it was improper and against the principles of the First Amendment to censor a news report that contained information that would have an impact on a presidential candidate.

Musk Released Twitter Emails Hunter Biden Story Show How Employees Debated How to Handle 2020

Khanna remarked in the email that despite being a “huge Biden partisan,” he was saying this. An inquiry for comment from Khanna was not answered.

The Twitter thread also exposed how representatives from both political parties frequently contacted Twitter to request the removal of particular tweets. A screenshot of an email from the “Biden team” seeking to remove tweets was supplied by Taibbi.

According to a THEMACFORUMS analysis of those tweets on an archived website, there were some allegedly nude photos of Hunter Biden that may have gone beyond Twitter rules.

Democrats made touch with political parties more regularly, according to Taibbi, who did not present any internal records to support his claim. Additionally, he made no mention of Democrats asking Twitter to censor the Post piece, and nothing in his narrative suggested that the US government had ever put pressure on Twitter to do so.