Missed call notification iPhone

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Missed call notification iPhone

A missed call notification iPhone. No matters this is your known or unknown. But you want to see missed call notification on your iPhone screen. So when you like to activate the missed call notification services on your Apple phone lock screen.

Formerly you may be afraid what should do with setting to enable missed call notification on your Apple device. Consequently, your Apple device has built-in setting by default which should be enable to show all activity notification on your iPhone.

These setting are shown on notification bar situated on your Apple smart gadget.

iPhone not Showing Missed Calls

Other than activity notifications, there are also alerts notification are shown your notification bar of Apple handset. These kind of notifications permits you to check your warning messages related to your Apple phone health and performance.

To get missed call notification on your iPhone, there is one of the best application used in Apple handset.

This application is Apple Phone Application which is responsible to alert you with all notifications and indication when you have any missed call or message on your device.

How to fix missed calls notifications not showing on iPhone

To fix missed calls notification that are not showing on your Apple device, you have to take some important steps. Here you are guided with that steps at The Macforum;

  1. In very initial step, you have to go on “Setting” on your Apple device.
  2. Then move on “Notification” option and select it on your iPhone.
  3. In this step, you have to open the option “Phone” paced there in your Notification Setting.
  4. Finally, you have to click on “Lock Screen”.How to fix missed calls notifications not showing on iPhone

How to Show Missed Calls Notification iPhone?

This is very sensitive matter to not showing missed call alerts on your Apple device. If you want to get of this issue produced with you just now. Then you don’t have to be worried about it.

Just go on your Setting and get the mark with “Notification” and new window is opened with “Phone” setting and allow your notification of your device and experience the best Apple alerts service with you.

How do I get my iPhone to notify me of missed calls?

Get the best choice resolution with The Macforum. here you are guided about how to get missed calls alerts and notification on your Apple device lock screen. this is very simple way by using Apple Phone App on your device. Just click on Setting and go to Notification to tap on Phone setting and enable notification on your device.

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