Get connection and enjoyment with earth’s most interesting topic in this era is Live Photos iPhone 6. The world’s most notable demand and feature required by consumers of Apple phones for cameras are live shooting.

How do Live Photos Work on iPhone 6?

Before going forward with The Mac Forum, you need to understand what is live photo shooting?  This is a feature in which you can make a live video clip for the moment before clicking the photo and after taking the photo shoot by iPhone 6 cam.

These joint moments are collectively in one shoot ate called love photo shooting by iPhone 6 camera. Consequently, this is a most interesting and amazing feature of the iPhone 6 camera and definitely well-adjusted quality for taking live moments in one clip while moving over there.

Get Apple LIVE Photo Feature on any iPhone 6

Like while animals or birds or any machinery are moving with definite speed and you want to shoot a photo clip.

The iPhone 6 allows you to capture that moving object with the HD resolution camera of the iPhone. However, there is a notable thing, some people are not suited to capture live photos from the ability to take iPhone 6 camera love photo shoots.

Because this live photo shoot with a short video clip has grip larger storage space than normal photo shoots on iPhone 6. That is why most users don’t interest to get this feature to sue on their iPhones.

How do I take Live Photos on iPhone 6?

Maybe they get annoyed by it. Or maybe they get fed up situation or frustrated from it.  that is why most people don’t like this feature and don’t like to discover or use this feature on their Apple phone 6.

In that case, if they get live photo features on their iPhone camera frequently comes in front of them. Then they want to deactivate this service anymore.  Or switch to this feature.

How do I take Live Photos on iPhone 6

Enable Live Photos on iPhone 6

Consequently, this is very easy to get off this feature from your iPhone 6 cam. if you really want it, then keep following our guidelines given below;

  • For this, you have to go to Phone Camera and open it.
  • Then you have to toggle the live photos, so that is why you have to go to Photo View and click on the concentric loop sign close to the top side of the display to get ON or OFF.
  • If your concentric loops are yellow, then you have live photos ON.
  • Or if you have white, then you have OFF.
  • Now go to cam and shoot your photo usually as you did.
  • Now, this feature works only in that case if you have made it On. Otherwise, if you have made it OFF, then after that all your clicks will be gone out of this feature and you will not get live photos.

Disable Live Photos on iPhone 6

There is a case, when you don’t have any idea about Live Photos on your iPhone 6. Don’t be worried about it. if you are using your phone camera and taking normal pictures on your iPhone.

But your taken picture is actually transformed into a tiny video clip. Then its means, you have live photos feature on your iPhone 6 cam. and you don’t want this feature on your camera shooting anymore and want to deactivate this feature on your camera to get normal pictures.

Take and edit Live Photos – Apple Support

Then here we have some instructions for you by which you can disable these features on your iPhone 6 camera. For this, you have to toggle OFF your feature to switch off live photo shoots on your iPhone 6 camera.

As we have discussed above for the activation process of live photos. Same you have to go disable this feature with a concentric loop close to the top side menu with the display screen.