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Live Photo iPhone 6

Live Photo iPhone 6 has premium feature which allows you to get transformation while taking your photos on iPhone camera and turn it into short 3-second video clip. This is seemed like a live action and moment taken by Apple smartphone iOS 6.

How do I take Live photos in iphone6?

The Mac Forum is here after checkout research for what is live photos on iPhone and how it does work? Live photos iPhone is surely an amazing feature over the world to its users. It offers you to take your picture and capture the moment before and after taking the picture on your iPhone camera.

Consequently, this feature of iPhone 6 for live Photos taking pictures and collecting memorable moments is particularly suitable for users to implement on moving people and animals.

Take and Edit Live Photos on iPhone 6

However, as this is as additional feature for iPhone 6 users but they have to know that this feature gets more space as it shoots a 3-seconds short videos clip. But every comfort brings you discomfort as well.

Mostly iPhone 6 users dislike this live photo shoot feature and get frustrated while they take picture when they found their taken picture a short clip 3-seocnds video. In that case, they want to get of this issue and desire to make this feature OFF or ON.

How to Disable or Enable Live Photos on iPhone Camera

If you want to turn OFF or On live photo iPhone 6. Then you have not to be worried. it follows a very simple and easy procedure to turn ON or OFF.

  • Unlock your iPhone 6 and go to your phone camera.
  • Go to Photo Viewer and click on tiny loop concentric icon just about to the side of display screen with toggle Live Photos turn ON or OFF.
  • Now you have to take your picture as you want.

Enable Live Photos on iPhone 6

These steps toggle your work for live photos on your iPhone with recent taking your desire photos.

Once you done successfully turn OFF Live photos shooting feature on your iPhone 6. Then in future all you will take pictures on your iPhone will not Live Photos.

Enable Live Photos on iPhone 6

If you want to get Live photos turn ON your iPhone 6. Then you have to follow same steps as mentioned above. Then you will be able to experience love photo shoot on your iPhone 6 camera.

How to Use Live Photos to Create Amazing Moving Images on iPhone 6?

When you have turned ON this feature on phone camera, then all photos that you will take on your iPhone 6 camera will be live photos.

Therefore, this quality of iPhone 6 camera for taking Live Photos iPhone 6 is pretty useful and sounds god for those who love to take live photos. In this way, you have full control over the contrast feature of live photos toggle on HDR with switch its intensity.

Now, anyone with Any iPhone Can Take Live Photos

Note down: if you make this feature ON or OFF on our Apple handset iPhone 6. Once you have done this, done this feature will not applicable on previous photos taken with or without this live Photos.

The question arises here that why this happened with iPhone 6 by making 3-seconds short videos on live photos. If you don’t want this feature anymore with your iPhone 6 camera. Then you will look to learn how you can disable this feature on iPhone.

Can iPhone 6 have live Photos?

If you want to get confirmation is your iPhone camera has Live Photos Feature On. Then you have to go to your phone camera and take a usual picture on your camera. If you seem this picture a single photo only then live photos feature in OFF.

If your taken picture is short video, then your live photos feature on your iPhone 6 is ON. Happening turns OFF when you have toggled OFF with live Photos on your camera. Then you will take a regular photo on your phone and enjoy your aspiration occurred with your phone camera.

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