List of Military Equipment Left in Afghanistan 2021 – The federal government wastes our money in a variety of ways, from millions spent on putting lizards on treadmills to thousands wasted on art workshops in Kenya. Reading about these examples is always frustrating. Regular government waste, however, is nothing compared to the horrifying fact that the US has just abandoned billions of dollars worth of military hardware in Afghanistan, where it will undoubtedly fall into the Taliban’s hands.

According to The Times of London, the US just abandoned a genuinely amazing collection of military hardware and weapons. Up to 22,174 Humvee vehicles, about 1,000 armored vehicles, 64,363 machine guns, and 42,000 pickup trucks and SUVs are included in this. Assault rifles, pistols, and over 200 pieces of artillery are among the list of purportedly abandoned weapons.

Oh, and the Taliban will probably also get the US’s cutting-edge military helicopters, airplanes, and other aircraft. To outfit the Afghan security forces and alternative government that we tried in vain to support, the US delivered this weaponry to Afghanistan. (This administration has since fallen, and the Taliban are now regaining power.)

While some of our equipment might have been transported out of Afghanistan by US personnel. Most of it probably stayed behind during the confused departure. Therefore, if it hasn’t already, it will eventually fall into Talitha’s ban’s hands.

The maximum quantity of equipment that might have been lost is shown in this image from The Times (Video)

The Taliban received a list of the billions in military hardware that the US left behind

Congressman Jim Banks, a veteran, remarked that “the Taliban now has more Black Hawk helicopters than 85% of the countries in the world.” But it’s not just about the guns. The Taliban now has biometric devices with the fingerprints, eye scans, and biographical data of all the Afghans who aided us and were on our side over the last 20 years, in addition to night vision goggles, body armor, and other unbelievable weapons. The administration doesn’t have a plan for getting those weapons back. No strategy has been developed to account for any of this gear or these weapons.

The Taliban received a list of the billions in military hardware that the US left behind

The estimate of $85 billion in equipment left behind in certain media stories and social media posts is inaccurate. The total amount the US has spent on security forces in Afghanistan is $85 billion. However, a large percentage of that money was spent on things like salaries. So it’s unlikely that much buildup was left behind.

List of Military Equipment Left in Afghanistan 2021, However, there were still a sizable number of military resources that were paid for with public dollars. According to a specialist PolitiFact spoke with, the actual market worth of the unusable technology and armaments is probably closer to $10 billion. That sum is still remarkable to essentially hand over to a hostile and repressive government.

Providing weapons that the Taliban will only use for evil is worse than merely wasting public money in this case. The Taliban will, at the very least, use these weapons to further their efforts to impose Sharia law on others, including women, LGBT people, and other groups, even if they are luckily never in direct combat with the US in the future. And thanks to the US taxpayer. They’ll be able to accomplish it all with military capabilities that are vastly more advanced.

ist of the billions in military hardware that the US left behind

List of Military Equipment Left in Afghanistan 2021 – Even though it is unusually terrible, this waste doesn’t seem all that shocking at first. After all, the government is infamous for its wastefulness and inefficiency. Consider the fact that we frequently spend our own money in daily life to gain an understanding of why. Alternatively, we frequently spend money that belongs to someone else on ourselves. Any way we look at it, we’re rewarded for smart shopping.

However, as Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman famously said, government employees are ultimately accountable for spending other people’s money on other people. Government representatives have no stake in the outcome. As a result, they aren’t motivated to save money or shop.

The negative incentives are considerably worse when it comes to war. In a different nation halfway over the world, the government is spending money belonging to other people on other people. That’s a formula for not just waste, but calamity, as demonstrated by the multi-billion-dollar gift from US taxpayers to the Taliban. Visit for more news and updates.