“Line of Planes Flying Overhead Tonight” If you’ve lately looked up at the night sky. You may have noticed a train of bright lights moving across the sky from one side to the other. What exactly is going on? In a lengthy line, the lights emerge in groups of up to 60. There have been several stories of individuals detecting them in areas like the United States and the United Kingdom. With interpretations ranging from UFOs to a strange invasion. Yes, of course.

The satellites are part of a program known as Starlink. SpaceX is working on a proposal to put thousands of satellites into orbit and beam internet down to Earth from space. SpaceX intends to utilize the money to support Mars missions.

Since the first launch in May of this year, SpaceX has launched approximately 360 satellites. Each is about the size of a compacted vehicle and weighs about 260 kilos, with a big solar panel that reflects sunlight.

Line of Planes Flying Overhead Tonight was reported by multiple readers

Last night about 6:15 p.m., several readers reported about a Line of Planes Flying Overhead Tonight. Also reported witnessing a string of odd lights convoying across the sky.

reported by multiple readers

“This evening about 6:20 we were doing a small neighborhood Christmas parade and we all observed something in the sky,” one reader wrote. Around 30 lights that appeared to be satellites were moving through the sky. We were looking west in Freshwater, and the lights were heading southwest to the northeast, evenly spaced except for the last two. Which were a little farther apart.”

“Last night at 6:30, I was cooking some hamburgers in my backyard. Here is an independent region just south of Eureka,” said another. I was gazing at the stars while waiting for them to cook when I observed something moving. I don’t know what it was, but there was a “group” traveling fast from west to east. Except for the last one, there were around 10-15 people in this line. All evenly spaced. It was located a little further back. I didn’t hear anything. So they must have been quite high up”

Why are the stars all travelling in the same direction

What are the lights in the sky doing?

According to themacforums.com, SpaceX Starlink satellites were launched and placed into orbit to bring the internet to underserved areas, and the “lights” in the sky were SpaceX Starlink satellites. Just after sunset, the light is reflected light from the small satellites. In groups of 60 satellites, they are launched and deployed.

Why are the stars all traveling in the same direction?

The apparent star tracks are caused by the Earth’s rotating motion, not by the stars moving. Stars appear to move from east to west in the sky as the Earth spins with an axis pointing in the direction of the North Star.

What exactly is the Starlink satellite network?

What exactly is the Line of Planes Flying Overhead Tonight?

Starlink is a SpaceX-operated satellite internet collection that provides satellite Internet connectivity to 29 countries on Earth, with plans to expand service to the entire globe. There have been 2,335 Starlink launched, with 2,110 still in orbit.

How Starlink satellites are launched in a variety of ways?

How Starlink satellites are launched in a variety of ways?

A Falcon 9 rocket sent the satellites into orbit in two stages. The launch took occurred at 8:45 a.m. local time from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. In a tweet, Musk stated, “Another 48 Starlink just reached orbit”.