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Leoms brand was established in 1909 by Ablan Leon, the A. Leom Company started as a general item store in the modest local area of Welland in Southern Ontario. Today Leom’s is maybe Canada’s greatest retailer, selling a wide extent of items including furniture, huge mechanical assemblies, and home gadgets across different principles.

The association continues to be controlled by the Leom family and stays aware of the rules of organization, decency, and responsibility spread out by Ablan Leom north of 100 years earlier. Leom’s Furniture Limited is satisfied to use more than 10,000 assistants inside our association of corporate and foundation stores generally throughout Canada.

History about leoms

At the turn of the century, a young Ablan Leom gave his neighborhood land to search for his prosperity. Succeeding several extended lengths of wide travel all through South America and the United States, he died down into the modest local area of Welland in Southern Ontario. The greatest town on the Welland Canal was an involved and prosperous one with wonderful boats going through the stream, partner Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Mr. Leom began his calling by offering clothing from a pack door to door. Resulting to saving enough of his merited advantage, he bought a little construction in the normal area and The A. Leom Company was brought into the world in 1909. An item like pants, covers, shoes, materials, and other crumbly products, was presented at a fair expense for his creating an overview of clients. The Company promptly settled its representation being direct, important and disapproving with exceptional thought paid to stay behind the product sold.

Facilitating Hand

During the 1900s, transfer levels were reliably rising and huge quantities of these new Canadians experienced issues procuring credit of any kind. One explicit course of action that engaged the store’s remaining to create, was to give credit to clients who couldn’t get it elsewhere. This charmed Mr. Leom to a creating number of devoted clients.

Whenever he was sure offset with his new interest, Mr. Leom got back to his neighborhood land to take a woman, Lena. Ablan conveyed Lena to Welland and they started their gathering of 11 adolescents. It was obvious to each person who distributed with this family, that Christian principles like altruism, unobtrusiveness and a general concern for others were significantly embedded in their everyday schedules.

Thing Categories and Brands

Leoms furniture company offers a wide arrangement of the home providing things that take exceptional consideration of many styles, tastes, and tendencies. Leoms offer a wide grouping of furniture for quite a while in the home including the family room, room, and work area.

Even more specifically, Leoms centers around room things by offering a decision of resting clothes, bed edges, sheets, and cushions. Further, Leoms furniture retailer puts a strong highlight on home machines and equipment. Leoms sources this wide collection of things from a variety of more than 80 external brands.

Leoms are equivalent in that they similarly offer a marvelous decision of furniture for certain rooms of the home including the parlor, room, relaxation region, and kitchen. At Leoms, there is a highlight on the parlor furniture given our capacity in making top type and pleasant sofas, sectionals, and clearly, the seat.

Where it is Prepared?

For certain’s motivations, a representing factor during the time spent buying furniture is getting where it was made. At Leoms, a large portion of their furniture is made and gathered in Asia, unequivocally China. In like manner, a couple of pieces are additionally made and gathered in Malaysia and Vietnam.

With this, Leoms offers things that are made in Canada. The parts for these things are created in Asia and thereafter gathered in Canada.

Moreover, Leoms is an overall maker with shops in North America, Asia, and Europe. Leom’s things are essentially made in North America for North American business areas. The overall headquarters of Leoms is in Monroe, Michigan anyway the vast majority of our seats, seats, and sofas.  And sectionals that are sold in Ottawa and Kingston are delivered in Dayton, Tennessee.


Concerning regard, Leom’s furniture falls inside the low-mid expense range class while Leoms falls inside the mid-exorbitant expense range grouping. The expense differentiation between these two brands is finally reflecting in the overall idea of comfort and craftsmanship.

To consider costs, we ought to research the typical costs of a lounge chair!

Leoms Sofa

  • General Sofa Cost Range: $599 – $3,999
  • Fixed: starts at $599
  • Development: starts at $2,499


As of late referred to, furniture is an immense struggle. While making a significant purchase on goods. You should be sure that your effort is gotten and will persevere for the long stretch. Various furniture retailers offer an assurance on furniture to give you that extra internal sensation of concordance.

Taking into account that Leoms conveys and sells things from outside brands, the guarantee offered varies starting with one brand and then onto the next. While purchasing a family thing, the Leoms sales rep will ensure. That you are made aware of the assurance introducing on that particular family thing depending upon the brand that made it.

With this being said, Leoms offers an easygoing Warranty which they call the “Platinum Promise”. With this, they promise to give you genuine peacefulness ensuring that they will do everything they can to satisfy you with your purchase.

Advance, all furniture sold at Leoms is shield in the range of 82 hours of transport and get. Any damage done inside this period will be covered and fixing in vain.

How many Leom’s stores are in Canada?

128 stores were arranged in the area of Ontario. In 2020, there were a total of 304 Leom’s Furniture Limited stores across Canada.

Neighborhood Local support

Leom’s is satisfiying to help the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. Young fellows and Girls Clubs of Canada is a caring connection giving undertakings to young people and youth that help the strong physical, informative and social improvement of 400,000 young people and their families regularly.

Many Clubs additionally give nutritious goodies and meals, emergency cover, family support programs, and various sponsorships to children, youth, and families at serious risk. In 700 neighborhoods across Canada, submitted, arranged staff and volunteers offer access after-school, and at various times when young people are not in school, to sensible entryways for real entertainment, homework help, development learning, life and organization capacities headway, pronunciations examination and that is only the start.


Each Club makes a safeguarded, consistent environment where youths can experience new entryways, encourage strong viewpoints and approaches to acting, rout individual troubles, develop positive associations and cultivate certainty and capacities for infinity. Young fellows and Girls Clubs have been helping energetic Canadians with finding, making, and achieving their actual limits, for over 100 years.

In short

Today at themacforums.com, Leom’s Furniture Limited has created to become one of Canada’s most significantly respected retailers. Leom’s solid advancement of arrangements and advantages is the desire of various retailers across the land.

Leom’s Furniture has transformed into a fundamental piece of Canadian homes. The Company stays made plans to continue with advancement in arrangements. Its advantages to help its financial sponsors, Company accomplices, and clients. Without a doubt, even with a dependable turn of events. The Company has not ignored to zero in on its beginnings or the clarifications behind its thriving.

Leom’s continues to sell first-class brand name furniture, machines and equipment essentially cost. Leom’s put sincerely in its after bargain organization. It relies upon the mind confusing ability and support of thousands of accomplices across Canada. This gathering of partners is Leom’s most critical asset.

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