Latest from Ukraine: Fire at Russian Base in Crimea Raises Doubts. In the Russian-occupied Crimea, an aviation base fixed fire, with at least one loss recorded. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, weapons had exploded and an approaching attack had not started the fire.

However, other military analysts claimed it was clearly a Ukrainian attack. Despite not specifically claiming an attack on the site. Ukrainian officials renewed their commitment to rescue Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenska’s aide stated that “it is just the beginning”.

President Joe Biden accepted the protocols for Finland and Sweden to join NATO in Washington, but the military alliance’s expansion is still pending the essential consent of all current members.

Due to the inability to pay a transit fee due to approvals. Russian crude flows through Ukraine to Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic were stopped, giving another damage to Europe’s energy security.

Most Important Events

  1. Russia is looking for weapons to use in Ukraine and around the world.
  2. Russian Oil Flow to Central Europe Stopped by Pipeline
  3. As approvals bite, Roman Baranovichi’s London Empire unravels.
  4. Under the New START Treaty, Russia ‘Temporarily’ halts US inspections.
  5. The US will provide $89 million in aid to Ukraine to help clear deadly mines.
  6. The US-led campaign to isolate China and Russia is failing.

At least 7 Russian planes were obliterated in explosions on Tuesday at a base in Crimea, according to a new satellite photograph

Latest from Ukraine: Fire at Russian Base in Crimea Raises Doubts. According to a brand-new satellite image from Planet Labs, at least two explosions on Tuesday at an air base in Russian-annexed Crimea destroyed at least seven Russian aircraft.

Fire at Russian Base in Crimea Raises Doubts

The explosion’s origin is still a mystery. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported the explosions were caused by detonated aircraft missiles but did not specify how it had been detonated. However, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims it was unable to determine the cause.

On an Aug. 9 satellite view of Saki Air Base, multiple fighter planes can be seen parked inside earthen barrier bays. At least seven aircraft’ burned remains can be seen in the earthen berms in the satellite image taken on August 10 following the explosion.

The satellite view does not reveal the destiny of the aircraft that is parked on the flight line. Additional planes on the runway and flight line seem to be undamaged. In this part of the base, there are at least four craters visible. There is a separate burn mark and damaged vegetation in the locality of the earthen berms and flight line.

Latest from Ukraine Fire at Russian Base in Crimea Raises Doubts

Tuesday may end up being one of the deadliest days for Russian Air Force aircraft since World War II, including those from the Soviet era, based on the number of lost aircraft. Such significant losses from a single incident, on a single day, are not indicated by the scant information that is currently available on military aircraft losses throughout the Soviet era and modern Russia.

According to a statement from the Crimean Health Ministry, at least nine people were hurt and at least one person died in the explosion.

In 2014, Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine and now counts it as a part of its territory. The point is considered to be Ukrainian territory by Kyiv and its allies, who reject the appropriation.