Queen Elizabeth II is being remembered by Jill Biden, who claims that the late monarch had a keen interest in American politics. According to Jill Biden Remembers Queen Elizabeth’s “Curiosity” about American Politics.

During an interview with Elizabeth on NBC on Tuesday, the first lady remarked, “What I respected about her was that she was incredibly independent.”

The queen who ruled Britain for the longest, 96, passed away last week. When President Biden and his wife visited Windsor Castle last year, Elizabeth hosted them.

“When we entered the living room, they ordered us to refrain from discussing family. And family is where she starts, Jill Biden recalled with a chuckle to Sheinelle Jones of “Today.”

Only two months had passed since the passing of Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, at the age of 99, when she took tea with the monarch.

The first time Joe and Elizabeth met was in 1982 when Joe was a senator from Delaware. “I think she knows Joe, and I think she really wanted to chat about her spouse,” said Biden of her husband.

When they first met a year ago, the first lady remembered, “She poured tea, and Joe and I said, ‘Oh, let us help you.

She responded, “No, you sit there while I get the tea.

Biden said on the matriarch of the royal family, “She had a such interest. She was quite interested in American politics and current events.

So she made us feel comfortable, Biden added.

Following the 2021 tea time, the president told reporters that Elizabeth had also inquired about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Members of the British royal family must “remain totally neutral with respect to political affairs,” according to protocol.

Jill Biden Remembers Queen Elizabeth’s Curiosity about American Politics

The Bidens are expected to depart Washington over the weekend to travel to London for the queen’s burial, which will happen on Monday.

In her in-depth interview with “Today,” Biden also addressed recent efforts made in the United States to prohibit books from libraries and schools, including numerous works that deal with race, gender, and sex.

According to Biden, a longstanding professor at a small college, “all books should be in the library.” “Every book.

“We are in America. We don’t prohibit literature.

Biden responded, “I think with the pandemic, parents saw how hard teachers work and how difficult this job truly is,” when asked where to draw the line on the number of inputs parents should have on their children’s education in schools.

“Work together in your school districts and decide what they want in their program,” Biden advised parents to do.