Themacforums – Jack White Slams Asks Elon Musk Kanye West Twitter Free Speech. On Friday, December 2, Jack White confronted Elon Musk on social media on Kanye West’s most recent pro-Nazi post and the businessman’s ostensibly selective views on free speech.

The rock star posted a harsh open letter to the contentious new owner of Twitter on Instagram, asking, “So Elon, how’s that ‘free speech’ thing working out? Oh, I see. So you have to decide who is allowed free speech and who is not? Who among leftist crybabies would restrict someone’s freedom of speech?


Yes’s account has once more been suspended, although since taking over in October, Musk has supported allowing the musician to express his ideas, even anti-Semitic ones, on the site.

White further compared the removal of Alex Jones from Twitter to the reinstatement of Kanye West, stating, “Conspiracy liar Alex Jones doesn’t deserve ‘free expression’ either? I see. You’re now aware that these people foment hatred and violence, but Trump…DON’T? Hmmm.

Or is it that the former president can’t give tax breaks to millionaires like liar Jones and anti-Semitic egomaniac Kanye? Or that perhaps the person in charge of this “free speech” is personally offended? Or perhaps just the possibility that I dunno, RULES, and REGULATIONS are necessary to prevent chaos?

“It’s good to witness in real-time as you learn that all things need to be regulated, whether that’s the use of firearms, drugs, alcohol, public gatherings, or speech because of the risk of hurting or destroying someone or anything,” he added. “They are sometimes referred to as laws.

And perhaps you’re starting to realize the damage it can do when you give dangerous, vile people a platform.

Jack White Slams Asks Elon Musk Kanye West Twitter Free Speech

This isn’t a debate forum, the former member of the White Stripes continued when asked why he had disabled comments on his post. I’m not debating in the town square; I’m speaking to you from my front porch. I also govern the platforms I oversee.

The author then reminded readers that “(And no, Twitter isn’t Town Square run by the government, it’s a private firm owned by Elon Musk)” before encouraging Musk to “do the right thing…and don’t allow other hate mongers a stage, let them go talk in Town Square.”

In response to Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, many singers and celebrities left the social media platform, including White. This was especially true after Musk allowed former President Donald Trump to rejoin Twitter through a popular vote.