Is the CTC Continuing in 2022? If your family appreciated the additional breathing room provided by the Child Tax Credit (CTC) monthly payments. Which began to be distributed in mid-2021 and abruptly came to a stop with the last payment in December 2021, you might be wondering if they will be returning.

A quick answer is possible, and it will take some time before we are certain. Here’s how to comprehend those payments’ current standing. The reasons behind them, and how to manage any payments you may have already gotten about prospective taxes.

Where Did the Payments for the Child Tax Credit Come from Each Month?

Is the CTC Continuing in 2022? The CTC could be claimed by qualified families on their annual tax return before the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Although qualifying families got a partially refundable credit of up to $2,000 per kid, this tax benefit was not a direct payment. Part of the tax credit you receive may be deposited into your account as a tax payment, making it partially refundable.

Where Did the Payments for the Child Tax Credit Come from Each Month

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Which Congress passed, gave the Child Tax Credit a makeover. Here are the changes:

  • More cash The CTC was raised to a maximum of $3,000 and $3,600 per kid (under the age of six).
  • Payments each month. Depending on the children’s ages and the family’s income, families may receive advanced CTC payments of up to $300 per eligible child per month.
  • Increased eligibility Families with low incomes were qualified for the full tax credit.
  • Credit can be refunded in full. In contrast to before the Act, the CTC is now entirely refundable.
  • Use this useful child tax credit calculator to determine how much you are entitled.

A brief history of the Child Tax Credit since its establishment in 1997 is provided

The nonrefundable Child Tax Credit of up to $400 per child in 1998 and $500 thereafter is established by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. The Child Tax Credit is temporarily increased by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to $2,000 per Child.

A brief history of the Child Tax Credit since its establishment in 1997 is provided

The American Rescue Act of 2021, which takes effect in March, temporarily raises the Child Tax Credit to a maximum of $3,600 per child (under the age of six) and $3,000 per child (under age 18). A provision is provided to transmit a portion of the annual credit to qualified families in advance monthly payments through December 2021. This tax credit is now fully refundable. The Act also increased the eligibility age to include 17-year-olds and permitted families to pay back 50% of the credit in monthly installments.

Is the CTC Continuing in 2022? The U.S. Treasury will begin distributing CTC advance payments to families of more than 60 million children in July 2021. The advance Child Tax Credit payments, which were a component of the Build Back Better Act but were not renewed by Congress, end in December 2021.

  • No CTC payments are made to families in January 2022.

Why Did Payments Under the Expanded Child Tax Stop?

Is the CTC Continuing in 2022? The Build Back Better Act, which would have continued the monthly CTC payments for another year, was not passed by Congress in December 2021.

Additionally, even though the monthly payments have ended, qualified families can still receive the full Child Tax Credit when they file their taxes for 2022. (in 2023). Families can claim all or a portion of the credit on their 2021 taxes, based on how much they chose to receive in monthly installments.

Why Did Payments Under the Expanded Child Tax Stop

The Build Back Better Act is currently dead in the Senate. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) rejected extending the advanced CTC payments without a work requirement attached, thereby killing the legislation. Even if President Joe Biden wants to make the payments permanent.

Sadly, this means that without additional Senate negotiations, the direct monthly payments to families are unlikely to continue. Although it’s unclear if doing so would keep the monthly CTC payments in place. The Build Back Better Act may be divided into smaller pieces of regulation.

How have these payments affected families?

Is the CTC Continuing in 2022? For instance, the first round of advance payments in July 2021 resulted in a 26 percent decrease in monthly child poverty rates. According to the Columbia Center on Poverty and Social Policy.

This amount equates to preventing 3 million kids from living in poverty. Payments made in November 2021 resulted in a 29.4% reduction in the monthly poverty rate.

The same organization’s research shows that these payments enabled families to:

  • Boost your emergency fund (74.8 percent)
  • funding for rent, food, and utilities (66.6 percent)
  • Purchase children’s clothing and other necessities (58.1 percent)
  • buy their families better/more food (49 percent)

According to Hamilton, one-fourth of survey participants in the study by the Social Policy Institute claimed they would utilize their monthly payments for child care.

How have these payments affected families

The cost of childcare is “one of the biggest impediments to employment for many low-income families”, claims Hamilton. Therefore, it wasn’t shocking to see families choose to use the monthly payments for child care costs.

“In the three months before and after the monthly payments started in July, the percentage of parents citing the need to care for their children as a reason for their unemployment was reduced by a quarter for families making less than $50,000 per year and by roughly 30% for those making $50,000-$99,999. We speculate that [these subsidies] may be eliminating barriers to employment for low- and middle-income families while somewhat balancing the high cost of daycare.

Is the CTC Continuing in 2022? These beneficial adjustments, however, could only last as long as households received regular payments.

Families would likely have to make difficult choices about continuing in the workforce and providing for their children as a result of the payments abruptly ceasing. Data indicate that less than 20% of families that are eligible for child care subsidies receive them, which makes this problem much more difficult.

In addition to daycare, the termination of the CTC monthly payments means that families who had begun to feel as though they had some breathing room in their monthly expenses may soon experience it once more.

What Effect Will the Advance Payments Have on My Taxes in 2021?

Is the CTC Continuing in 2022? You may be interested in learning how to handle the forward payments you have received come tax season while you wait for Congress to resolve the situation with them.

Paul T. Joseph, an attorney, certified public accountant, and the founder of Joseph & Joseph Tax & Payroll, claims that the IRS started notifying taxpayers of the enhanced Child Tax Credit payments in December 2021 via letters (Letter 6419). To aid in the preparation of their 2021 tax return. He advises people to make sure they save these letters.

What Effect Will the Advance Payments Have on My Taxes in 2021

“Taxpayers who received payments in 2021 need to verify the accuracy of the advanced payments on the letter they received from the IRS by comparing it to their tax return for 2021,” he advises.

The IRS says it’s feasible if you believe the monetary numbers on your Letter 6419 are inaccurate. You can log into your account at if you moved, changed banks, or have one or more payments that you didn’t receive.

The IRS advises taxpayers to file their taxes using the amount shown in their online accounts. Any machine with an internet connection can be used to create an account for no cost. The number of payments reported in your online account and the amount specified in your letter can then be compared.


Is the CTC Continuing in 2022? Although the payments for the advanced child tax credit have currently ceased. New legislation may make the resume. You can look up the senators from your state and get in touch with their offices if you’re interested in learning their positions on these payments.