Is Genesis Healthcare Going Out of Business? Even as the company was struggling among the damage of COVID-19 circumstances, a top US congressman increased her vehement attacks on embattled Genesis HealthCare’s award of a large bonus to a diffident long-time CEO.

All allegations of misconduct have been heatedly refuted by Genesis leadership.

Senator Elizabeth Warren stated plans to initiate an investigation into for-profit nursing homes in general. Including those owned by private equity groups, in addition to the attacks on Genesis.

“Seniors shouldn’t be kept in inferior institutions operated by greedy CEOs and vulture firms in order to make a quick buck the next time there’s a pandemic,” she said. “Congress must act now, before another catastrophe occurs.”

Is Genesis Healthcare Going Out of Business? According to the major post-acute care operator, a $5.2 million retention motivation granted to former Genesis HealthCare CEO George Hager months before he retired was not funded with government coronavirus relief monies.

Is Genesis Healthcare Going

While Genesis got $417 million in state and federal funds and $248 million in loans or advances. It also incurred more than $460 million in COVID-related expenses and lost revenue, according to its statement.

As a condition of receiving government relief funds, the company must utilize the cash to pay for expenses and the impact of lost revenue due to the epidemic, and it will be subject to a “mandatory, independent audit of such expenses and lost revenue,” according to the corporation.

“To be clear, executive payment is not a COVID-19-related item under the statute, and Genesis will not include any executive compensation in expenses allocated under the CARES Act allocation and accounting procedure”, the company noted.

“To summarize, while Genesis was affected hard by the pandemic, with heartbreaking losses, the firm is proud of the brave efforts of its personnel and the massive efforts made. At considerable expense, to keep residents and employees safe”. “The claim that the company used CARES Act funds to pay executive bonuses. Which it did not, is deeply unfair, as is the claim that its efforts to retain personnel, as it faced unprecedented public health and financial circumstances, somehow compromised its commitment to patient safety”, the company argued.

Genesis HealthCare Information

Genesis HealthCare Information

Is Genesis Healthcare Going Out of Business? Genesis HealthCare is a holding business with companies that provide services to over 325 skilled nursing homes and assisted/senior living communities in 24 states around the country. Around 1,100 healthcare practitioners in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and China receive rehabilitation therapy from Genesis subsidiaries. Genesis Healthcare, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries are referred to as “Genesis,” “the Company,” “we,” “us,” and “our” in this release. Visit ¬†for more information.

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